Why Israel is Losing the War -- and How They Can Win!

Summary ... What is needed to end this war and bring victory to the Jewish people is leadership that understands what the fight is all about. Israel needs leaders who are connected to God and who are willing to do whatever it takes to sanctify His great and holy Name.

Ever wondered why the same Israeli army that defeated Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967 in just 6 days cannot end a 13 year Intifada?

Ever wondered how IDF commandos traveled thousands of miles to Uganda in 1976 to rescue hostages in Entebbe but can't figure out how to cross the street to save three soldiers?

Arab soldiers used to tremble when they saw a soldier. Now they laugh.

Arab pilots used to shake in fear at the thought of flying near the Israeli air force. Now unmanned drones, kassam missiles and katyusha rockets kill dozens of people.

What happened? When did the Arab world become so powerful and the Jews so weak?

You know when? When they switched the fight from "land" to "God".

In 1967 the secular Arabs fought the secular Jews over land. That's a war Israelis know how to fight. But for the last 13+ years the religious Arabs have been fighting the secular Jews over God. This war, is something the Israelis don't want and, frankly, don't know anything about.

Don't believe me? Let's examine some terms:

Before every suicide bomber blows himself up — in his attempt to take 20 Jews with him — he screams "Allah Akbar". It means "Allah is Greater".

Yassir Arafat, of cursed memory, always used the term "jihad". It means "holy war".

The word "Hezbollah" means "Army of God".

The fighting arm of the Fatah is called "The Al Aksa Brigade" named after their mosque on our holiest — yet virtually forgotten — site.

The Arabs know exactly what they are fighting for. They do not want land. The recent katyusha rockets on Tzefat is not because they want to move close to the holy Ari's ritual bath. The rockets on Meron are not because they want a good spot near the burial site of ancient Sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. They are not interested in living in Tiberias, Carmiel or even Haifa.

The kassam missiles from Gaza are not because they want to occupy Sderot, Netivot or Ashkelon.

They are fighting God.

Read that line again. They are fighting God. The Creator Himself is under attack. Don't think the katyushas, which started on the 17th of Tammuz, was a coincidence. Hezbollah knows exactly what they are doing. They are continuing the fight started by Titus. They are the Haman of today. They are Amalek. And the existing Israeli leadership doesn't have a clue...

What is needed to end this war and bring victory to the Jewish people is leadership that understands what the fight is all about. Israel needs leaders who are connected to God and who are willing to do whatever it takes to sanctify His great and holy Name.

The last thing Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres want is a religious war against the Arabs. The last thing Defense Minister Amir Peretz understands is how to fight Arabs who are motivated by religious beliefs. These men know how to fight Jews who are spiritually driven but not Arabs. They had no problem supporting and orchestrating the betrayal of Jewish land a year ago and have sworn allegiance to the flag of disengagement. But fighting religious oriented Arabs? Admitting that this war is really against Islam and not just some crazy guys in Gaza and South Lebanon? Be willing to remove the desecration on the Temple Mount in response to missiles in Haifa? Enact communal punishment against the cheering, Hizzbolah flag-waving mobs in Ramallah and Jenin? Never! The Olmert-Peretz-Peres team will never do that. They would rather sacrifice pure, innocent Jewish soldiers in some crazy ground war than fight in the name of the God of Israel.

This is why we are losing. After 2,000 years God returned the Temple Mount to the Jewish People and we threw it back in His face. After 2,000 years God gave us back the entire Promised Land and we chose to remain in Teaneck, Cedarhurst and Beverly Hills. After 2,000 years God gathered the exiles from the four corners of the earth in order to build a Jewish State in Israel and we turned it into a European metropolis with bars, discos and MTV. This is exactly what the prophet Jeremiah: "I brought you into a fruitful land, to eat its fruit and bounty but you came and contaminated my land... My people have exchanged its glory for something of no avail... they have forsaken Me."

This is why the IDF has become a non-entity. This is why the Arabs are laughing at us. Little "Palestinian" kids throw rocks and soldiers run away. Young Arab men wrap their faces in kaffiyas and send chills down the spine of Israelis and some insignificant coward named Nassralah, who is "bravely" hiding beneath 50 tons of steel enforced concrete sends over 1,000,000 Jews running like mice into bomb shelters.

With God's help, this will all change very soon. New leaders will take over Israel who truly believe in "Hashem Tzevakot" (the name used to describe God with great military might). New leaders, whose every fiber of their being is used to sanctify His great and holy Name, will soon lead the country according to authentic Jewish values and finally, the old Jew will return to lead the IDF. This will be the Jew who fights like Moses, Joshua and King David. This Jew serves God, takes no prisoners and works tirelessly at permanently eradicating evil from the world.

When this happens... when Jews truly understand their place in the world and accept upon themselves the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, the famous verse from the Scroll of Esther will once again come to reality; "And the Jews struck at all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, slaughtering and annihilating, they treated their enemies as they pleased." May that great and awesome day happen soon. Am Yisrael Chai!

[ Shmuel Sackett, International Director - Manhigut Yehudit | Published: July 29, 2006 ]