UN Partnership With Hamas - A Faustian Pact With the Devil

Summary ... The global press has continually refused to acknowledge the close relationship between the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Arab terrorist groups, such as Hamas. This close relationship has allowed UN and donor nations' money to help aid in the financing of Arab terrorism against Israel.

The UN's United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) administers 59 refugee camps for Palestinian [sic] Arab refugees from 1948 and for their descendants. The history of UNRWA's relationship with Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists is long, deep, mostly hidden and misused. The recent use of an UNRWA school by Hamas terrorists for a firing base and a weapons' storage facility is barely being acknowledged by the media.

The major explosions in the school came from inside where Hamas had stored mortar shells and other explosives. The pock marks of the mortars could be seen on the walls if you knew what you were seeing.

When Israeli troops responded to the firing directed at them that was coming from the school, they hit the outside of the building and those stores of Hamas ammunition exploded, killing and wounding both the civilians being used by Hamas as their "human shields" and the terrorist leaders themselves, as well as their militia.

Simultaneously, the propaganda arm of Hamas went into action, claiming innocence and screaming: "Civilians! civilians!" Civilians in black pants and shirts? Those are Hamas uniforms.

The media accommodated them because for the media universally, "Whatever bleeds; leads." The media picked up the mantra. Their UNRWA patron, the UN went into full action mode to protest and deliberate condemnation of Israel. The UN principals always knew that UNRWA pushed by the Arab League Bloc assisted and funded Muslim Palestinian terrorists. The evil hydra of Muslim Arab terrorists working for the UN became a virtual industry, employing up to 25,000 Palestinians, supposedly as refugee assistants.

In fact, UN and donor nations' money made its way into the hands of operative Palestinian terrorists. Therefore, the UN and donor nations became knowing partners in transferring cash, first to Yassir Arafat (grandfather of today's modern global terror), then to Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) Arafat's heir, now to Fatah, Hamas and other terrorist factions.

Film footage of the UNRWA school buildings show little outside penetration of shells, whereas the main explosions came from inside where Hamas stored massive quantities of explosives.

While Hamas claims "sanctuary" for schools, hospitals and mosques especially, they cynically and deliberately load these buildings with their fighters, weapons' storage and firing platform. In effect, they cancel their claimed status as civilian sanctuary under international law.

I know it's virtually impossible to change the bias of most of the world's media. Facts are no longer the substance of press but spin is. It's unlikely you will see the media focus in on the UN collaboration with terrorists through UNRWA, among other back channels. Looking the other way, has become permanently the method of choice for the media - except for some.

When it became public knowledge that Egypt was complicit in the massive tunnel digging, sometimes starting in Egyptian military camps, the media went deaf, dumb and blind.

When Egypt allowed missiles from Iran and Syria to move across the Sinai and through these hundreds of massive smuggling tunnels, the media showed little or no interest.

Why did most of the global press and the United Nations choose to become complicit in the Arab/Muslim war against the Jewish State?

How can anyone believe in the credibility of these sources for fairness, let along honesty?

The answer sadly is: We can't!

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator | Published: January 7, 2009 ]