The De-Judaizing of Israel

There are many Christians, Muslims and, yes, even Jews wishing to escape their obligations under God and the hostility this responsibility brought to them.

There is not enough paper to detail the numerous gods, demons, underworld deities that man has conjured up to overwhelm the One God of the Jews.

Generally, the method of choice was invading what was believed to be the power center and earthly dwelling of this elusive, invisible God. With that goal, the various invading forces always tried to enlist the Jews to accept or join their own god-head or heads, thereby attaching their lineage from Abraham or going back even further to Adam and Eve or Noah. This would seal their claim to be the rightful heirs to God's Covenant, plus 'koshering' the various god/s they worshiped.

When the Jews (inevitably) did not accept their other gods, they were killed in staggering numbers. Yet, they continued to exist, rebuild their lives and worship One God.

However, from time immemorial, there were always some Jews who wished to abandon this One demanding God. Many just assimilated and either joined a prevailing religion to escape the threat of death and/or torture - or simply made themselves invisible with non religion.

Then there were those quasi-Jews who dedicated themselves to "normalizing" observant Jews. In this context, "normalization" meant abandoning Torah law, customs of praying, customs of dress and even intermarrying with the other. They accepted their Jewishness, but in name only. They did not believe in or honor this One God and they despised those who did and worked diligently to disenfranchise the observant Jews.

They wanted to be or to be in a nation which belonged to no specific religion although in practice, they honored other religions - just not their own. Other religions were deferred to and their practices given a high place of honor or acceptance. But, Jewishness was looked down upon and even hated. For them Torah Judaism was a primitive and unacceptable way to live.

In order to advance their doctrine of 'no religion', they made every effort to destroy or denigrate the national memory of the Jewish people. All places of worship were to be disposed of by any means possible. Giving up what observant Jews considered Holy was a prime objective. When then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan gave up the keys to the Temple Mount of King Solomon's Temple to the Arab Muslim Waqf after Jerusalem was liberated and reunited in 1967, most observant Jews thought this must be merely bad judgement.

Indeed, it was very bad judgement that was planned long before Jerusalem was re-taken. This most Holy center of world Judaism was not to be allowed to fall into the hands of observant Jews. Nothing so singularly vital to Jewry must be permitted as a rallying point where Torah Judaism would re-invigorate the Jewish people's belief in One God.

This would be a disaster for the non-believers who would concurrently lose their political power to the priests of Solomon's Temple. Be assured, if the Ark of the Covenant was first discovered by these non-Jewish Jews, they would smash it to pieces and then burn the pieces. There is a cult of non-believers and they make no effort to hide themselves.

Presently, a short list would include Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Tommy Lapid, Yossi Sarid, Ehud Olmert, Bibi Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Arik Sharon and a host of appointed military and/or intelligence directors who are non-Jewish Jews and who have established their own anti-Jewish cult.

Giving away the Temple Mount in 1967, the Jericho synagogue and Joseph's Tomb in 1993, 80% of Hebron including 'sharing' religious worship at the Cave of the Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs), endangering Kever Rahel, the Mount of Olives ancient Jewish all no accident or case of bad judgement. This all is deliberate and discussed at length by those who would de-Judaize Israel.

Giving away the Land of YESHA (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) is similarly not an accident. It is a doctrine which links up to a cabal who has for centuries made every attempt to dispose of the Jewishness of their own people, the Jews.

These non-Jewish Jews try to give away anything remotely connected to what is known as Jewish history and antiquity.

Other religions are willing to take whatever is abandoned and incorporate it within their religions because they feel the power of these ancient Jewish historical treasures more than the non-Jewish Jews do.

Both are frustrated because there are Jews who continue to remain observant, maintain their national memory and honor such places as the Temple of Solomon, the Torah Laws, the Tombs of Abraham, Sara, Isaac, Leah, Yaakov and Rivka, the city of Jerusalem, the other Holy cities like Safed, and holy places like Joseph's Tomb in the captured city of Schehem (Nablus). And, thank God, many, many Jews are returning to their traditions and discovering what a rich history and brilliant treasures are waiting for them in the Torah and the Holy Places.

But, all the non-Jewish Jews hate them for it. It invalidates their zeal for the secular, hedonistic life on the non-Jew. This includes those mentioned above plus many other anti-Jewish Jewish organizations such as Peace Now, B'tselem, Women-in-Black, Gush Shalom, International Solidarity Movement and countless others.

At the moment Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon has come fully out of his tight fitting closet to make his lack of observance and his aberrant anti-Jewish behavior known to all. He desperately wants to divest Israel of all the remaining symbols of Torah Judaism which rests in the Land and her Holy Places. Much of it has already been abandoned to Islam. The Holy Jewish Temple Mount, Joseph's Tomb, the Cave of the Machpelah in Hebron, the Jericho ancient synagogue.... Soon Sharon will be joined by the rest of the hostile anti-Jewish Jewish cult in giving up Land east of Jerusalem up to the Jordan River.

Sharon is returning to Egypt as was the desire of the Jewish slaves and what came to be known as the "Erev Rav" (non-Jewish trash of Egypt who Moses allowed to accompany the Jews in their Exodus out of Egypt).

Sharon has foolishly invited the Egyptian Army to Israel's borders and has similarly invited the Jordanians to bring their troops into what is called YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza). None of this is accidental as this black non-Jewish cult tries to ingratiate themselves with another anti-Jewish dynasty in America.

The European Union has in the past and will now play a leading part in this black priest cult to destroy Judaism and the Jewish people. When they were unsuccessful in eliminating their Jewish citizens, they followed them across the Mediterranean Sea to continue their genocide in Israel, the ancient and modern Jewish homeland. We now see the Bush family dynasty join these non-believers in undermining the Jewish nation in deference to the Arab oil nations.

Both the Arabs and the Europeans were willing partners in the obliteration of the last remnant who escaped their hands in the last century. Now, they have new and enthusiastic partners among the non-Jewish Jews in Israel and around the world.

While each professed a different reason in eliminating either the Jewish State - or, at least - its Jewishness, in the end, they were of the same mind.

It is always possible for the observant Jews to awaken from their stupor and cast out those non-Jewish Jews from power. I fear that first they must suffer a great deal more before their mind-set of denial is cleansed.

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator ]