A Jew Was Murdered While Praying in Gush Etzion

Erez Levanon

Last night [February 25, 2007/7 Adar 5767] about 6:30 PM CST, I had a call from Israel - 2:30 AM Israel time. The news was not good. A 42 year old Jewish man, Erez Levanon, z'l, who used to drive to a nearby small forest to stroll and commune with nature, pray with G-d and to find his way to peace was found brutally murdered with multiple stab wounds. It was reported that the murderers hiding in a house in Beit Omar near Bat Ayin, had been caught by the Shimshon unit of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

I am beside myself with rage. I do not believe in the Christian concept of turning the other cheek. If caught, these rotten dregs of a primitive, vicious race should be immediately sliced into pieces and fed to pigs. This was a good, gentle man with three children who will now grow up without their father.

I am certain that the non-Jewish Government and despicable Leftist Courts will give these monsters a trial and put them in prison for a while. Then this current corrupt anti-Jewish Government will release them along with other Muslim Arab Terrorists in an early prisoner exchange for kidnapped Jews.

This current unholy government has unleashed these radical Muslim hostile creatures to savage Jews wherever they can find them alone and vulnerable.

Once the Arabs in the Gush Etzion area, where Erez Levanon was murdered, feared to accost the Jews but the unholy non-Jewish government of Ehud Olmert taught them they had nothing to fear. The corrupt Jew-hating Courts of Israel were there to protect the Terrorists of Islam so why should they worry.

I can hear the Leftists cheering that another "settler" has been murdered. One less "settler" to be forced off the land. Do you think it matters to the non-Jews of Kadima, Labor, Meretz that Jews cannot walk in Israel's forests, eat at a restaurant, ride a bus? Not at all!

The real Jews of Israel should be sufficiently enraged to march as a nation to Jerusalem and rip this imposter Government from its comfortable, unearned offices. Never even in its worst moments has Israel, through incompetent leadership, had such low dregs of humanity ruling the nation. Every crooked politicians, embezzler, treasonous dreck (that's shit in any language) has been drawn to this Government like a fly to garbage. The maggots they produce are given other jobs to control the system and the people.

In the last few days I watched a dog expert explain why dogs bark incessantly, forcing the neighbors to call the police to shut them up. The "expert" concluded that these barking dogs were merely frightened and barked to give themselves false courage.

Shortly after that, I read a speech by Olmert to the effect that after the Holocaust we (meaning he) will not live under an existential threat again — ever. Never again!

I could not help but think of a frightened dog barking. But, we have heard such barking before when other Prime Ministers barked their threats that, if the Arabs do this or that, they will know what to do. They knew that barking their fear would influence the people to think they were brave instead of the sniveling, yapping politicians they are.

So now a peaceful man, taking a moment of solitude, in a small forest is dead. Like others before him, his children must be raised by one parent and the ripples of pain spread. Don't expect much of the Olmert Government, a Leftist Court that serves the Terrorists and Police force trained to attack "Settlers". The weak Olmert Government had just recently opened up the road to Arab Muslim Terrorists by closing the checkpoints.

Another dead Jew means nothing to Olmert and Rice in the dismemberment through re-partition of the Jewish State. Isn't it time to clean out the garbage called the Government?

March to Jerusalem.

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analysis & Commentary ]