Where Is All That Humanitarian Aid?

[I have reported many times on the transfer of aid by Israel through the Israel Defense Forces to the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. However, other agencies keep reporting about the lack of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The posting below was written by David Frankfurter.]

Truckload after truckload of food, medicines and humanitarian aid pass through the border crossings into Gaza. It is part of an Israeli policy to minimize the suffering of Gaza citizens, while their democratically elected Hamas government shoots rockets at Israeli civilians, attacks the IDF troops who keep the border crossings open and smuggles huge stockpiles of weapons, readying themselves to provoke a massive conflict with Israel on the lines of the recent Hizbollah attack and the ensuing war in Lebanon.

Here are the latest two examples.

  • On November 2nd, 210 truckloads of food, medical supplies and other basic commodities were transferred to the Gaza Strip through the Karni crossing. In addition, 250 calves, 39 truckloads of medical equipment and 42,000 kg of flour went through the Sufa crossing.
  • On November 5th, 185 truckloads of food, medical supplies, basic commodities and raw materials were transferred to the Gaza Strip through the Karni crossing. In addition, 400,000 liters of diesel fuel, 90,000 liters of gasoline and 175 tons of natural gas went through the Nahal Oz fuel terminal.

With the constant flow of supplies into Gaza, one has to wonder about the frequent reports of rampant poverty in Gaza. And where does all the money come from for the weapons smuggling, terrorist and politician salaries, and the luxurious lifestyles of the elite?

The website of watchdog organization the Funding for Peace Coalition is full of reports of Palestinian corruption — including at border crossings. It brought plenty of proofs from the Arafat-Abbas regimes, and implies that corruption has simply transferred its master since the rise of Hamas.

And opening this morning's newspaper confirms the worst. As the original report was in Hebrew, I attach a translation for you. In short, international donations to hospitals and aid agencies are being diverted to the pockets of individuals and to the purchase of arms and payment of terrorist salaries. And some of the "aid" is not donations at all — just a method of smuggling, using the black market to line the pockets of the corrupt and feed the Hamas war machine.

One has to wonder the value of the 'international observers' placed at the border crossings. One also has to wonder at the value of so-called international mechanisms to bypass the Hamas government and provide aid directly to the needy elements of the population.

Where is the international outcry from governments, aid agencies and human rights organizations about the siphoning off of international aid to corruption and violence? It seems that the world has accepted that the only result of Palestinian autonomy in Gaza is to be corruption, poverty and war. And based on reports of those same agencies, not surprisingly, Israel is to blame.

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