U.S. to Coordinate Terrorism for PLO

The opening line in a recent report from the Middle East Newsline reads:

"The Bush administration has appointed a new coordinator for Palestinian security."

Wow! Here is an administration that, several years ago, declared war on terrorism around the world. Based on that declaration (or at least that was what they said at the time), the U.S. invaded a sovereign nation, deposed its leader, and took charge of the country and all of its assets.

Now, that same administration is going to coordinate the terrorist activities of the Palestine Liberation Organization — now known as the more politically-correct "Palestinian Authority" (PA/PLO). This is the same PA/PLO that is run by the Fatah faction of the PLO. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is a part of Fatah and has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent Jews in Israel. In addition, the Chairman of the PA/PLO, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), is also head of the Fatah terrorist organization. Abbas has already declared that he will not make Hamas or any other terrorist organization give up their weapons. In fact, Abbas is working with U.S. President George W. Bush to bring Hamas into the PA/PLO leadership.

This is the organization that U.S. tax dollars are going to be supporting, even training. According to the report:

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Keith Dayton has been nominated as U.S. security coordinator to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Dayton, who would be promoted to a three star general, would oversee the development of PA security forces as well as Israeli-PA security coordination and cooperation.

In case I need to remind anybody, this is the same set-up the U.S. did in the previous Clinton administration when the C.I.A. trained the PA/PLO terrorists who, in turn, murdered innocent Jews on the streets of Israel.

I guess, the definition of "terrorism" by the Bush administration falls in line with that of the PA/PLO: the murder of Jews does not count as terrorism.

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