The Terrorism in the Palestinian Authority

I am really amazed at the Christian and Jewish leaders who constantly speak out against the Hamas terrorist organization's win in the recent elections in the Palestinian Authority (PA), as if they are any different than the Fatah terrorist organization, who previously led the PA. Just 14 short years ago, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO - of whom the Fatah is the ruling party), was an international terrorist organization, wanted by nations all around the world.

Then 13 years ago, they signed an agreement with members of the Israeli government, and were recognized as peace activists. Their leader, Yasir Arafat even received the Nobel peace prize. That failed to change their modus operandi, however. Except now they didn't need to hi-jack planes or visit the Olympics to kill Jews; they were in their backyard. Their human targets were now only a taxi or bus ride away. And was there a world outcry? Yes ... against Israel for not giving them what they wanted! And here we are, 13 years later, nothing has changed, and suddenly the Fatah terrorist organization is seen as the good guys. The Bush administration, using U.S. tax revenues, even spent $2 million trying to help Fatah get re-elected (although he wasn't able to manipulate that election).

Christian and Jewish leaders must wake up and realize that terrorists are terrorists are terrorists. There is no such thing as "the lesser of two evils". That is ludicrous thinking. They are doing harm to those who look to them for leadership. Get out of the whoredom of politics and out of the ways of the world. There is only one answer: the G-d of Israel!

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