The Ultimatum: We Will Give You Peace for Peace, Nothing More

Israel and the Jews have been pursued and persecuted for decades and centuries. The Jewish people owe the world's nations absolutely nothing, except our ultimatum, as follows:

We will give you peace for peace, nothing more.

Should you gather to destroy us, be assured that your civilizations will regress to their earliest, most primitive times. You will be our guarantors for our safety. It does not matter that you directly or indirectly launched the attack against our cities, you will be held responsible. It seems quite clear that the nations, with their respective religions will never let us live in peace. Very well.

Now, in addition to age-old anti-Semitism, we have the human plague of "Jihadist" Muslims who are pledged to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel, in addition to savaging other non-Muslim countries.

We have reached a time when our technology allows us to create a wall of deterrence, namely, Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction. So, you are appointed our guardians. Should you choose to know of any other states' plans for our destruction, it will be the same as if you, yourself launched the ensuing war.

We will not go quietly into God's good night.

Instead, we insure that you all will join us in a flash of light as brilliant as the Sun.

Perhaps it is time to let the earth rest - as God mandated for the "Shmitta" Year. That is God's Seventh Year when Jews must allow God's Land to rest, to let the fields lie fallow, in order to re-Jew-venate so as to be fertile in the next six years.

We humans have overused and contaminated the beautiful Earth that God gave us. Like a plague that cannot be stopped, we have ravaged the Earth, not giving it a moment to breathe and recover.

Perhaps it needs more that the Seventh Year which we Jews give to the fields.

Perhaps it needs a hundred or a thousand years to cleanse the oceans and the land of pesticides, oil spills and airborne pollution.

So you wish to kill off God's messengers so only you will have a clear path to what you believe is a Heaven waiting just for you, no matter how you get there. The Jews now have the capacity to send you to wherever you think you belong.

So know this, in our clash of civilizations, you will disappear before us, as have other aggressive plundering civilizations before you.

The choice is yours or Armageddon.

We could have had a remarkable world of scientific achievement for the betterment of man but, you have chosen instead to create a Genocide for others.

Very well, we will see you in the Valley of the Dry Bones where you are to be buried as instructed in Tanach (the Bible).

Did you know the Parasha (Torah portion of the week) of Tanach where the nations come from the North to fall upon Israel and are ultimately destroyed - to a man? The flesh melts off the enemies' faces. God says so in the Tanach but, you don't believe in the God of the Jews and thus need not concern yourselves with His Retribution!

After the predicted Armageddon, the Jews are instructed to send out teams, with staffs to mark wherever human bones of the decimated attackers are found so they may be gathered and buried in the Valley of Dry Bones so the Land is to be cleansed of the dead whom they will bury with respect.

The Jewish people will always survive - even after you try to destroy us all, a remnant shall always remain - equal to those 600,000 plus the women and children who received God's 10 commandments and the 613 mitzvot (good deeds). After every destruction the nations of the world implement, that same remnant remains.

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator | Published: August 1, 2007 ]

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