The Jewish State Exists and Thrives in Spite of Our Spineless Leaders

I spent most of my adult life living in Israel. My wife and I raised our five children here and are now watching our eleven (so far) grandchildren grow up here. As we approach our golden years we look upon our life as filled with blessings. The decision to come home was clearly the best decision of our lives. No Jew can be complete if he lives away from home. With all of its problems Israel is our only home. The Jewish State, with all of its faults, is the beginning of fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. Nothing about it is logical. Our leadership in every generation here made every mistake possible and still our country grows and thrives.

Back in 1948, when we did not have anything resembling the outstanding army we have today, we fought against impossible odds and won. And today, when we have the most sophisticated army in the world, we choose not to fight. We choose not to recognize our enemies who live in our midst, and we choose not to recognize the war they are waging against us.

Our Prime Minister wants to get tough with rock throwers by fining their parents. That is not getting tough. That is just plain stupid. I have been at the other end of the rock and it is not a "demonstration". It is an act of war, an attempt to murder. One does not reason with or appease those who seek to murder. The only reaction that works is to shoot them on sight. Such a policy would end the rock throwing very quickly and save lives of both Jew and Arab. Instead we are encouraging our enemies to continue to attack us. . . with rocks, fire bombs, knives, cars and trucks.

What is even more exasperating is the fact that, although our government treats every act of war (terror) as if it were an individual criminal act, thus refusing to recognize and end the war, that same government pays war reparations to victims of terror! After our car was attacked by rock throwers I reported it to the police who filled out a form declaring the act as an act of war against the state of Israel. With that form I will be reimbursed for the cost of repairing the damage to my car.

Gary Cooperberg
Gary Cooperberg
Why can our leaders not connect the dots? If I am being compensated for damages caused by an act of war, then why does our government refuse to recognize, much less fight and win, that war?

And, to add insult to injury, our government is still struggling to define Israel as the Jewish State! It doesn't want to discriminate against the Arabs (who just happen to be our enemies) for fear of being called racist!

And when Arabs riot on our holy Temple Mount, rather than throw them off the mountain and take it back, we bow to the King of the make- believe kingdom of Jordan and promise not to let Jews pray there!

Our leadership fails to take Jewish destiny into account. It is only Jewish destiny which enabled us to reestablish Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. It is only Jewish destiny which sees this country grow in spite of our spineless leadership. And it is only Jewish destiny which will see us overcome all obstacles in the future, including the removal of the abomination atop our Temple Mount and the rebuilding of our holy Temple there. As always, it will be our enemies who force us to do that which our leaders lack the courage to do on their own. Peace will never result from our backing down on Jewish principles. Such a stance only invites terror. It is only by standing upon Jewish principles that peace will ensue. And if we consistently fail to stand upon Jewish principles then providence will cause our enemies to force us to do so ... even against our own will.

Despite all of his heroic efforts to strike a peace deal with our enemies, Bibi cannot understand why our enemies do not cooperate. The reason for this is simple. One who is willing to negotiate his self-respect will never understand someone who will not do so. Abu Mazen does not seek peace with Israel. He seeks to take Israel away from the Jewish People. This is a principle from which he will never back down. Bibi and his ilk seek to back down on Jewish principles and share our Divine inheritance with those who seek to take it from us. By so doing all we accomplish is to encourage our enemies. The only path to peace is Jewish pride and self-respect. Just like he refused to permit the UN fact-finding committee to set foot in Israel, Bibi should also refuse to permit Arab rioters from being in Israel.

When we act as self-respecting Jews we will end terror and see a true beginning of peace. When we try to appease our enemies at the expense of Jewish self-respect we invite terror and war upon ourselves. It is all in our hands.

[Written by Gary M. Cooperberg]

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