Sharon Evicts Observant Jews From Army

Sharon has ordered all religious Jewish military units disbanded and all religious Jews 'evicted' from the IDF [Israel Defense Force] before he begins his 'disengagement' — the eviction of Jews from their homes. (FOX News, January 25, 2005)

This news comes to us even as the anti-semitic United Nations devoted a day long special session to commemorating the Holocaust. Eloquent speeches were made to a half-empty hall — even by Secretary General Kofi Annan, saying such an event must never be allowed to happen again. We must be on the watch for any revival of anti-semitism (now ramping up viciously in Europe and Britain). We must be ready to act against these new forms of anti-semitism that are happening today.

Some may recall that I often refer to Prime Minister Sharon, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and the rest of the Oslo Gang as "non-Jewish Jews". They may be Jews according to Jewish law, having been born of a Jewish mother but, that is where their Jewishness stops. After that they can be anything because in their hearts they have no belief in the Jewish people, the Covenant of all the Land of Israel given by G-d or even the belief in G-d. Clearly, they are not Jews who believe in Jews. Slowly Sharon will lose the loyalty of the Army who already distrust his judgement. Sharon may have to employ German, Polish, and Ukrainian mercenary soldiers to control the Jews he has betrayed.

Now we hear that the religious Jewish military units will be disbanded and they will be made into civilians who will not be able to stand in the way of the Sharon-Peres Army who have been ordered to ignore any Jewishness within themselves or any spark of belief that the Land G-d gave to the Jews for eternity is really theirs to do with as they please.

Even as there is a day of recognition by the U.N., E.U., Germany, and Poland about their participation in the Jewish genocide called the Holocaust (Shoah in Hebrew), Sharon moves to disband and disarm Jewish army units.

There is little doubt that Sharon has shed any semblance of an honest, democratic leader who was voted in as Prime Minister as the temporary custodian of the Nation of Israel. He has blossomed into a fully fledged dictator who has clearly transformed himself from being our hero to becoming an enemy of the Jewish people. As anti-semitism ratchets up in Europe and England, Sharon joins them in spirit, in actions and in fact.

A few days ago Oren Magnezy, some underling advisor in the Prime Minister's Office, sent me an e-mail, requesting I take off of my e-mail address list. That was after I published an article: Sharon: the Jewish People Are not Your Experimental Guinea Pigs. This article was deliberately not kind to Sharon. It recommended that Israeli officers, from the Prime Minister on down, be held accountable for their poor judgements that were effective in creating conditions so that Jews were killed. Oren's e-mail address (should you choose to address him on this) is:

The religious Jewish units which Sharon plans to disband are the most patriotic and stable units within the IDF. They go into battle with a belief in G-d which makes them more courageous — probably because they really understand that they are fighting for their families, their homes, their fellow Jews, and the Land that G-d gave the Jews in His Covenant. The religious officers are always out in front of their men with the battle-cry: Kadima (Follow Me). They don't lead from behind. Sharon wants to stamp out the religious soldiers because they have become role models within the military.

Today Israel has an ugly, non-Jewish government, pretending to be democratic and Jewish at the same time. Sharon and Peres have betrayed the (only) Jewish nation and the Jewish people world wide, acting as if their election passed over to them the ownership of all Jewish Land.

This is not the first time Jews have been sold out by the ever-present Judenrat who have haunted our people since Moses accepted the Erev Rav (non-Jewish trash or mixed multitude) when he took the Jewish people out of Egypt. They were always there — in every land — to subvert, betray and bond with our most vicious enemies.

Sharon is a direct reflection of what all other hostile nations want of Israel's leadership. Sharon will be the midwife or godfather of another Arab Muslim State of Palestine which will rapidly fill with terrorists from all over the globe to become a global terrorist base to mount terror attacks against Israel as well as the rest of the Free World. Even now Sharon has made it possible for Palestinian terrorists in Gaza to fire Kassam rockets directly into Israeli cities.

Just look how what are now called insurgents have poured into Iraq from Syria, Al Qaeda, Iran.... to murder, blow up, kidnap, behead American and allied soldiers and civilian construction workers trying to rebuild a free, democratic Iraq. They are pouring all their fire into stopping the coming election in Iraq now which is a preview of what will soon happen in Israel.

Imagine that virulent force descending on Israel — from a fully Muslim Arab terrorist state in Gaza after Sharon retreats and creates a Judenrein (Jew-free) base for Global radical Islamic terror. Sharon will have enabled them to attack all of Israel from close in, with long range, high tech weapons supplied by all the surrounding Arab Muslim States (including Russia) hostile to the tiny Jewish State.

Sharon knows that the Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists, backed by Syria and Iran will not give Israel any moment of peace and security. Knowing this has made Sharon into a betrayer of the Jews of Israel. Ordering the Jewish Army and Police to attack Jews and drag them away from their homes, farms, factories, schools, synagogues, water, infrastructure and even their cemeteries follows Hitler's Final Solution to the Jewish Question quite closely.

Do you think these statements are too extreme? Reset your mind-set. Look at the facts without your inner revulsion denying that this could be true. The only reason to state these abhorrent facts is to prevent them from happening by stimulating a tremendous response of self-defense within all Jews all over the world.

The disbanding of religious Jewish Army units is too reminiscent of past Kings or Dictators who hated the religious prophets. Those in power tried to kill them off. We Jews have sadly had our own murderous leaders like Herod who committed the equivalent of treason as they chose their allies from foreign powers and considered their own Jewish citizens as the enemy.

One early report from January 24th is that Sharon has started to strip Israeli civilians who are the Defense Rapid Response Teams in their own communities of their weapons. This increases the risk of defenseless citizens being murdered by Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists. Clearly, those terrorists have never had better friends or allies than Sharon, Peres and the Oslo Gang.

So what will be Sharon's next move — besides Nuremberg-type laws making legal the illegal: divesting Jews from their Land, homes, and farms? Will we begin to see those miraculous drive-by shootings of influential settlement leaders with Shabak claiming: "It wasn't us." Will we see mass arrests of outspoken dissenters of Sharon's land abandonment plans? Will we see the leftist high courts accountable to Sharon, approving detentions for any leaders or rabbis who speak against a dictatorial government which issues orders like any tyrant? Will we see specially trained soldiers (without their name tag IDs) attacking Jewish settlers?

I recall Josef Stalin brought in cruel soldiers from outside to control Moscow, knowing that soldiers born in Moscow would not fire on their own people. Is Sharon's plan really any different? Stalin had his Secret Service Police surround the Kremlin. There was an outer ring of KGB Police. In bases outside of Moscow he had Siberian troops who couldn't speak Russian who would gladly massacre men, women, and children or anyone who would defy Stalin.

Sharon has declared War against the Jewish people and against any Jew who dares to defy his orders. He has provoked a civil war by dividing the nation. Jew against Jew; city dweller against settlers, etc. He has used the powers of the Government and its Treasury's taxes taken from the people to pay for his War against the Jewish people. He employs a staff to put into motion vicious propaganda to demonize the settlers — all paid for by a tyrannical misuse of Treasury funds. He is paying for an assembly of a vicious military and police who have been pre-screened for their special psychological characteristics because they will show no pity and will actually enjoy the use of a truncheon to beat and later their guns to intimidate or shoot their own people — all paid for by the Israeli Treasury of tax monies paid by the people.

Surely this is the attitude and work of a dictator who is simply an amoral or degenerate or demented person who no longer can tell right from wrong.

If there was ever a time to clean out a corrupt and vicious government, it is now!

Sharon represents only himself, his sons, and those who will obey him. He does not represent the Jewish people who voted for him overwhelmingly because he vowed to defend them. His most egregious mistake is to bring the Arab Muslim enemies closer to Israel population centers — in accordance with what foreign interests want.

Another story in today: "Settlement Razing Revisited" by Abraham Rabinovich, Washington Times January 25, 2005. Israeli authorities are planning to "sell" the settlers' homes, farms, greenhouses, factories and other installations to the World Bank which will pass these facilities on to the Palestinians who will want to make immediate use of the Land evacuated by Israel.

Can't you just envision the masses rushing to grab these beautiful homes and businesses? What a riot that will cause.

May no Jew lift his hand against this Golem of Israel gone mad. Minimally, remove him from office with the rest of his co-conspirators before Israel becomes only a footnote in history journals, the Atlantis of the Middle East.

What can you do about it? Ask yourself. Who can you write to and "Shrei Gevalt!" (Yiddush for "call to alarm")? At the least send a message to and Also, write to your local Jewish Federations, leaders, local and national media (both secular and Jewish), Jewish organizations and synagogues. Write to whomever else you can reach from the President of your countries to those individuals who may seem to have no power. Our power will arise from our unity. Our unity will come from our belief in G-d's Covenant that gives the Land of Israel to the Jewish people in perpetuity. Defend yourselves; defend your fellow Jews; defend the only Jewish State.

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator | Published: January 25, 2005 ]

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