President Bush, Is That You?

The following post was written by a friend of mine, Davida Geller Rosenberg. It is gleaned from this week's news. Great insight, Davida!

Help me out here, I'm having a moment of density. I'm try to think clearly but it seems my brain is morphing into a thick black oily substance, similar to maybe ... oil?

What in the world is happening to my thinking? I'm getting all confused. It's a feeling like when you're traveling and somehow have gotten lost, and you need to take out a 'road map' to find your way to your destination. You don't understand where you are and you don't know where you're going. Get the idea?

President Bush, I know that Mrs. Bush loves books, and you visit schools; maybe you can help me before I get really lost here.

Uhhh ... why is the U.S. State Department saying that Israel should consider it's ways concerning "peace" when Israel has been forced to fend off the attackers sending Qassams over the land? (And by the way, they murdered Shirel Feldman. Let us stop and say Kaddish for her. One moment please Mr. President; we want to say our prayer for her. Please stand — say Kaddish, say Amen.)

Uhhh ... why are you concerned over the arrests Israel prudently made in it's effort to stop the terrorist acts of Hamas elected officials, when your own Mandate says Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization?

Uhhh ... see, why I'm getting so confused?

Uhhh ... why are you 'pressuring' Israel to act against it's own interests by telling us to give significant quantities of arms to the Palestinian Presidential Guard (Fatah) and have them begin to train in the Jordan Valley?

Oh ... maybe this is a child's fable; let me try to pause for a moment and amuse myself. Hmmm ... which fable shall I ponder? Hmmm ... let me think a bit. Oh, I can't do that, I'm suffering from brain sludge.

Back to square one! That's why I called you! I can't seem to think straight because my brain seems to be morphing into a well of a thick black oily substance.

Uhhh ... please talk to your friends, and also your friends at the U.N., and have them do something to stop the Arab apartheid against their own Arab people. They are oppressing these poor souls and keeping them in refugee camps way past the time of decency. Your friends are very wealthy; surely they can build them some cities instead of making them still live as if they're homeless. Why, just build and develop the land where they now reside ... end apartheid. Doesn't America support human rights any longer?

Wait! Stop! The ground just began to shake here! Oh no! Another red alert, sirens! What? What? Another person just murdered by a ... Qassam?? Again? Now? Ohhhh ... my G-d! Kaddish again?? Yes ... ohhhh yes.

Oshri Oz, age 36, News just in ... Oshri was murdered by a ... Qassam just now ... today! Again!

(Please stand. Say Kaddish, say Amen. Be seated.)

Uhhh ... my head is getting really foggy now; there's just one more question for today while I can spit one out:

"Which side are you really on, President Bush"?

Davida Geller Rosenberg would like to know.

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