PA/PLO Negotiator's Facebook Page Shows True Anti-Israel Ambitions

At this very moment, it is being reported that chief Palestinian [sic] negotiator Saeb Erekat and Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh are in Washington D.C. representing the Palestinians in renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks instigated by [United States] Secretary of State John Kerry.

But a quick glance at the official Facebook page of Dr. Shtayyeh betrays the true motives of the second most senior Palestinian negotiator, advocating the destruction of the entirety of the State of Israel.

While Dr. Shtayyeh has been paying lip service to Kerry's peace talks initiative publicly, his Facebook background image reveals his aspirations for a Palestinian state that incorporates the entirety of Israel, the West Bank [sic], and Gaza. The word Filastin (Palestine) can be seen emblazoned across the entirety of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, above.

Such backhanded tactics are well known within Palestinian circles, and the recognition of the State of Israel is a rarity in the region. It is also a well known tactic within anti-Israel pressure groups around the world including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which operates in Britain. Its logo displays a 'one-state solution', leaving the region devoid of a Jewish State, instead replacing it with yet another Muslim-majority country: 'Palestine'. [Editor's note: PA/PLO President Mahmoud Abbas and PLO terrorist leader Yasir Arafat are well known for saying in English what the West wants to hear but stating their real objective — the destruction of the State of Israel — in Arabic.]

In his invitation, Secretary of State John Kerry said, "Both leaders [Netanyahu and Abbas] have demonstrated a willingness to make difficult decisions that have been instrumental in getting to this point. We are grateful for their leadership."

It seems for one of Abbas's negotiators however, the recognition of the State of Israel is one step too far, and reveals how these peace talks are more than likely to be completely in vain.

[Editor's note: Shtayyeh's outright declaration of his intentions, coupled with Kerry's appointment of former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk to direct the talks for the US, establish that the talks are doomed from the start, not that anyone is really surprised. Indyk, who sits on the board of directors of the anti-Israel New Israel Fund and failed in his previous attempts to negotiate an Israeli-Arab settlement, has said Israel must cede the Temple Mount and the PA/PLO must give up the "right of return." ] PA/PLO Mohammad Shtayyeh's Facebook page showing true anti-Israel ambitions

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Reported by Raheem Kassam, Trending Central

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