No Action Against Hamas and Fatah?

It's incredible! While Hamas and Fatah-affiliated terrorists continue to launch rockets into Israel, the best the world can do is call for Israel to bomb Iran. Why not bomb the Hamas and Fatah-affiliated terrorists? Why not bomb Hamas and Fatah-affiliated offices? Why not take care of the enemy in their midst?

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton recently called for Israel to launch a strike against Iran to stop Iran's nuclear program. However, Bolton never once made any mention of bombing the people who are actually bombing Israel now. I know, everyone blames Iran for all the terrorists and everybody says that if Iran is neutralized, then the terrorism would stop. But, wait a minute. Isn't that what they said about Saddam Hussein? And isn't that what they all said when they 'encouraged' Israel to make peace with Yasir Arafat and the PLO terrorist organization?

Everyone seems to have the answer for Israel. And it all comes down to the same thing: "Turn your back on Hamas and the PLO and bomb Iran", as if that would cause Hamas and the PLO to suddenly cease to exist. And nobody wants to confront Egypt for violations of its treaty with Israel by allowing terrorists to smuggle weapons, cash, and more terrorists through tunnels into Gaza. Everybody keeps telling Israel it has to give more to the terrorists, all the while wanting Israel to erase an enemy that they themselves are actually afraid of — Iran. It's not that Iran is not a threat. It's just that to the rest of the world, it's more of a threat to them than the daily rockets that Israel now endures due to a lack of leadership and faith.

Would the US tolerate Mexico sending 20-50 bombs a day into the southern United States? Would Britain tolerate Ireland launching 20-50 bombs a day into Liverpool or Manchester? Would France put up with Germany sending 20-50 bombs a day into Nancy or Metz? Of course they wouldn't! Then why do they ask Israel to tolerate it? It's ludicrous and immoral to ask another nation to do something that you would never consider doing yourself. On top of that, they then want Israel to fight their battles for them — e.g., Iran — just as it did when it took care of the Baghdad nuclear reactor in 1981. Many of the other nations currently have their own militaries stretched to the limit in wars which are being waged for economic reasons. They don't have the troops to fight an actual enemy, such as Iran.

Israel needs to stand and believe in the founder of the Israeli nation — the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will lead the host of Israel in battle, He will be their shield and their strong right arm. Israel needs to throw off the yoke of the nations and fight for the glory of the God of Israel!

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