Is Anybody REALLY Surprised?

After last week's victory by Hamas in the Palestinian Authority elections the entire world acted shocked. How could the Arab people in Israel vote for terrorists to rule over them? How could they possibly want the Hamas terrorist organization to be in power instead of the Fatah terrorist organization?

Think back, a little over ten years ago. People were asking the same thing about the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). How could Israel possibly make peace with the PLO? How could Israel give land to their enemies who have sworn to wipe them out? How soon we forget.

Whether the world wants to face it or not -- and it seems it doesn't -- there is only one difference between Hamas and the PLO: Hamas actually takes care of its people. Over the years, Hamas has offered medical and educational support as well as setting-up a welfare system for the Arab people in Israel. They have offered services to the citizens that the PLO never offered, despite being given billions of dollars in aid for that very purpose over the past ten years. Nevertheless, Hamas is still a terrorist organization responsible for the death of many Israelis. Murder is murder, no matter how you make it look.

The actual truth of it all is that leaders like U.S. President George W. Bush say they are fighting a war on terror yet continue to give hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist organizations. Just this past month, Bush gave $2 million of U.S. tax payer money to the Fatah terrorist organization for their election campaign, a violation of several U.S. federal laws. In the end, for the Bush administration at least, there is no "war on terror". The war is on those who would oppose the Bush administration.

The Fatah terrorist organization (a part of the PLO terrorist organization) is just as dangerous as Hamas. (Or, I should say, Hamas is no more dangerous than Fatah.) There is no difference. Both terrorist organizations have been involved in suicide bombings that have killed many Israelis. The PLO never changed their charter; it still states that their main goal is the destruction of the nation of Israel. Their leaders still speak of "wiping Israel off the map". (Where else have we heard that? Why does everybody get so upset when the leader of Iran speaks of wiping Israel off the map, but no one says anything when the leaders of Fatah say it on a regular basis?).

Perhaps the positive aspect of this is that it may cause many people to wake up and see what is happening. Hopefully, eyes will be opened to see the ludicrousness of making peace with enemies who want to destroy you. Hopefully, many will see that the vision of George W. Bush is actually a demonic nightmare. In any case, G-d has gathered His people back to their land and He will keep them. Am Yisrael Chai!

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