George Bush, How Could You?

We all thought you had cut any idealogical ties to the policies of your father and James Baker. We bought the story that you had emerged from your years of adolescence where alcohol and drugs were left behind in a new life enveloped in the idea of a born-again Christian.

We were touched to hear that you had the Five Books of Moses on your reading shelf. You had us all fooled with your born-again persona but we didn't know what you were born-again into. We are just beginning to know that behind that affable grin and your good ole boy Texas persona is an oil consortium.

We knew that your father and James Baker were (and are) dedicated anti-Semites, bonded to whatever Crown Prince Abdullah wanted.

But again, we thought you had broken away from their anti-Israel policy. We also thought that your German bloodlines through your father and grandfather Prescott Bush was something you wished to get away from. When your father told America to get ready for the "New World Order" it echoed the superior Germany of the 30s and 40s.

Are you now the carrier of the banner for your father's cabal of a "New World Order" consistent with finishing Hitler's "Final Solution for the Jewish Question"? That era of Germany and the Third Reich also had their "New World Order" which included eliminating the Jews.

However, must you now try to eliminate a Jewish State which is well-armed — even having a probable nuclear deterrence? Clearly, that requires new techniques and most certainly recruiting Jewish leaders to participate — hopefully unknowingly — into their own demise.

Mr. Bush, it seems that you have adopted a course of diminishing the Jewish State while being the godfather of what may be the most effective Islamic terrorist state that region has ever known.

How could you, an American President, continue the work of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin Al Husseini, who pleaded with Hitler to kill off all the Jews and bring his killing machine to Palestine to finish the Jews there and give him control of Jerusalem?

You knew that the American people and the Congress approved and supported Israel. So you moved cautiously, always keeping up the facade of being Israel's friend, always expressing concern for her safety when in fact you were carrying water for the Saudis. As of late, however, you are moving from under your friendly cover and reflecting your family's tradition 'vis a vis' the Jews and, of course, the oil-rich Arab Muslims.

So now what exactly do you expect to get out of chaining Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon to your plans of bringing Israel to the first U.N. Partition Plan of November 1947 which Abba Eban called "Auschwitz Borders"? We are already aware that you have a three-phase action: First, to evacuate the Jews of Gaza, followed by the evacuation of the Jews from Judea and Samaria, then to move the Jews to the 1948 borders. Presumably, this will all be coordinated with the Arab League, the E.U., and I suppose what should be called "The New World Orderists".

Naturally, you will next unleash Jewish recruits — generally called Leftists, to begin speaking about how Israel doesn't really need the Golan Heights. The rationale offered would be that the Golan Heights would be better off in American hands as a military base. Naturally, this base would be presented as a protective base for Israel and Israel would no longer need tanks, missiles, and observation positions on Mr. Hermon.

I guess the question of "How could you?" seems beside the point when we see you join the Europeans in a "If you can't beat them, join them" doctrine. I refer to your new philosophy of dealing with the terrorists as negotiating partners and not adversaries. Clearly, you and Tony Blair are collapsing like falling buildings (sad analogy) as the global Muslim terrorists become more aggressive. They're pouring into Iraq, bombing tens of Americans and Iraqis daily.

Of course, there is always the oil deception and your studied reluctance to find and explore alternative energy sources so we stop using up all the fossil fuels while polluting the universe. Simply speaking for the oil maggots, you tell us in speeches that the price will go down which you know it will not. It was bad enough to falsify your credentials as a caring, born-again Christian but to blatantly lie to the American people about how it will be necessary to pollute Alaska, the Florida and California coastlines, and the Gulf of Mexico so that you and your father's oil maggots could keep the cash register clanging away.

Finally, to join forces with a primitive and barbaric people of Islam to destroy the Jewish State of Israel is totally obscene and unforgivable. Do you really believe that when you meet that Jewish man, Yousha Ben David (you call him Jesus) that he will accept the destruction of his people as sanctifying your passport to the Heaven you believe is rightly yours? Don't you think it more likely that the Bush Dynasty will find itself in a lower place — where all the other haters of the Jewish people are spending eternity — that is Gehenna (Hell)?

So tell us George, did you think you and your clan were anointed by lessor gods to reverse God's decision to gift the Land of Israel to the Jewish people in perpetuity? Do you believe that you were anointed to gift the Land of Israel to a heathen people who worship the moon god zin — later called Allah? Have you bonded in some way with Islam to challenge God's Eternal decision to make His Covenant with the Hebrew tribes and thus all Jewish people? Is this what you think your mission on earth as President is: to correct God's mistake?

If you think God makes mistakes, then regrettably, your actions, unchecked (so far) by the Congress or rejected by the American people will, no doubt, bring terrible consequences to our American continent and that of Europe.

It's coming Mr. President ... sure as Hell.

[ Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator | Published: June 2, 2005 ]

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