Egypt Is not the Solution for Handling Security in Gaza

In the wake of the massive rocket attack from Gaza this Wednesday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman told Israel Television Channel 2 that Israel should immediately retake the Gaza Strip and clear it of weapons.

So far so good.

But then Liberman recommended that once Israel completes this task that "we will think about an arrangement together with the Egyptians to insure that there is order there."

Not so good.

Now if Mr. Liberman means that we discuss with Egypt how to enhance the efficacy of their efforts to bring a halt to the operation of smuggling tunnels between the Egyptian Sinai and the Gaza Strip that's great.

But if Foreign Minister Liberman is repeating his previous policy recommendations that Egypt take over security in the Gaza Strip then he is way off base.

And for many reasons:

  1. There is no certainty as to who will be in charge in the future in Egypt or what their agenda will be.
  2. Even if the Egyptians were to deploy in the Gaza Strip with the best of intentions, should the situation sour with renewed Palestinian attacks against Israel, the inevitable Israeli security operations could easily lead to a crises in Israeli-Egyptian relations. And worse.
  3. An Egyptian security presence in the Gaza Strip could become a dangerous advance force in the event of conflict - seriously impairing the efficacy of the Sinai force limits.

Sure. It would be nice if we could farm out our problems.

Nice. But not realistic.

[ Dr. Aaron Lerner | Published: March 12, 2014 ]

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