President Bush is No Friend of Israel

At the outset, let it be made clear. I speak as an individual, and not in behalf of our group, Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women In Green). True, I am the Volunteer Administrator of Women In Green, but there are differences of opinion within our group, and it is only fair that I speak out in behalf of those who firmly believe that President Bush is no friend of Israel.

President Bush has a long history, together with his father who was a former U.S. President, of having close family ties with Saudi Arabia. The American policies that President Bush has adopted with regard to the Middle East are pretty close to that which the Saudis hold, to wit: the Road Map, Moreover, Bush has double standards with regard to Israel, differentiating between the Arabs who reside within Biblical Israel, and Arabs that are waging war against America in Iraq.

When push comes to shove, Bush will always wind up on the side of his State Department supporting the Arab position against Israel. Bush is purportedly a devout Christian, but that does not keep him from being in defiance of the Will of G-d, and the Evangelists who elected him. The Bible is specific that this Holy Land was given to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. No where in the Bible is there a hint that the Land was promised to the Arabs as well. He has humiliated Prime Minister Sharon on more than one occasion, as Bodansky in his book relates, and keeps putting enormous pressure on Sharon and on Israel to make repeated useless concessions to the Arabs. There never was a "Palestinian" people and that concept is just another typical Arab lie!

Bush knows enough about the Bible, and happenings in Israel so that when he talks about the Palestinian Authority and Israel living side be side in "peace", he is totally divorced from reality. Certainly, the suicide bus bombings, the Kassam rockets and the ongoing relentless intifada should have long ago convinced Mr. Bush that these Arabs are not interested in "peace", but wish to destroy Israel. The Arabs have no roots nor historical ties with this Biblical Holy Land. Moreover, Bush does not allow Israel to deal severely with the terrorist Arafat, and protects this evil person, because the Saudis want it that way.

The recent disclosures in the book of Yossef Bodansky (The Secret History of the Iraq War) published by Harper's, only substantiates that Mr. Bush is no friend of Israel. Bodansky has been the director of the U.S. Congressional Task Force on Terrorism for more than a decade. In that capacity, his comments with regard to President Bush are extremely pertinent.

[ Michael Levi Matar | Published: July 30, 2004 ]

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