From Bondage to Freedom

"How will you treat secular Jews after you come to power?" a secular Jew asked me.

"Who are your rabbis?" asked a religious Jew.

I suddenly realized that both of them are suffering from the same illness — they regard leadership as a kind of paternalism, that spreads its wings over its subjects, supplies their needs, thinks for them, decides for them. "How will you treat me?" asks the secular Jew anxiously. Obviously his fate lies in the hands of the leader. He has never assumed personal responsibility, and has no freedom of choice.

"Who are your rabbis?" asks the religious Jew, clearly avoiding personal responsibility. If his Rabbi tells him to obey the expulsion order, he must do so. Why should he think otherwise? In the name of religion, ignoring the fact that he has been given something that animals don't have — the right and responsibility to distinguish between good and evil, he forgets the divine spark within him and delegates his own responsibility to the rabbis.

"Why should I bother you?" I asked the secular Jew, but he didn't understand what I was saying. "Who am I, that you are trying to clarify how I will treat you?" again I attempted to explain. "Am I your father? My job is to give you the freest possible environment in which you can decide for yourself and be yourself. I am your servant, not your father nor your master."

"Why should you care who are our rabbis?" I replied to the religious Jew. "Do you agree with what we say? Do you disagree? What do you yourself think? If you wish to consult your rabbis, that's OK. If you don't receive a satisfactory answer from them, approach other rabbis, or other moral, wise people, and go from one to another until you discover the truth. You can then decide if you agree with me or not. But why should you care who are my rabbis?"

"And if you like the rabbi's names and I can persuade you to evict the Cohen children from their home, which they paid for with amputated legs; and if I can persuade you to give their home to Mohammed Dahlan who chopped off their legs, do you think that this argument will help you when you stand in the final judgment?"

"I believe that the Creator will say to you: I gave you the most precious gift of all — I gave you free will. You have ignored morality. Moreover, you have taken My Torah and turned it into idolatry, a desecration of My Name!"

So the religious and secular Jews, the Rightists and the Leftists, are all in fact in the same luxury "Gulag", having grown accustomed to being controlled. It is very easy for the natives to be comfortable with this system. The temptation to give up free will is the same temptation that is presented by idolatry. After all, what is idol worship if not subjection to the forces of nature that cannot be changed, to cyclic phenomenon that cannot be modified?

In ecstasy, the Red "majority" sang John Lennon's mantra, Imagine, in Rabin Square:

"Imagine there's no heaven ...
No hell below us ...
Above us only sky ...
Imagine there's no countries ...
Nothing to kill or die for ...
No religion too ..."

When good and evil do not exist, there's no need to choose. You can forget about the differences between humans and animals. You can behave like a beast, like the people who go naked in radical Leftist demonstrations. It's a pleasure to be a slave, to give up the right of free will, to become "liberated", to flow with the stream, to be swept along like fishes going downstream dead fish.

Now Manhigut Yehudit has come to try to take the Israelis out of this slavery, but the prisoner has gotten so used to the darkness that he fears the light. He joyfully accepts the brainwashing: "Halachic State!" He is shocked! A hostile takeover by the Feiglinites! The first group of slaves has already been deprived of their human rights. The Prison Service is preparing the camps and the barbed wire fences. The IDF Chief Rabbi has prepared the spades for uncovering the bodies of the Hatuel children and their mother. The media and the institutions of "Justice" have already denied the evictees their essential humanity they are not people; they are enemies of peace. After all, they should have known As in all totalitarian regimes, the other groups remain silent, hoping that they will remain unharmed. In order to justify themselves, they adopt the arguments of the regime against the demons designated for eviction enemies of peace, enemies of the sole legitimate collective idea.

The real issue involved is not Gush Katif or Eretz Israel. It is certainly not security, peace, the economy, etc., etc., etc. All these are merely symptoms of the problem.

The real issue is slavery.

Israel has reached the end of a journey towards the loss of liberty, the loss of the human image, a journey that always ends at one stage or another in barbed wire fences, in camps, in deathfor the sake of peace, of course.

This year we are slaves. But we shall win because the Almighty will not give up our liberty so easily.

This year we are slaves. Next year we shall be free men.

[ Moshe Feiglin, Manhigut Yehudit | Published: April 6, 2005 ]

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