Black Day for the Jewish People

It is interesting to note that the Sharon Government's fourteen to seven vote to eventually exit from Biblical Gaza, and Northern Shomron was taken during the week when a significant Biblical portion will be read in the Synagogues throughout the world. In that Bible portion, Moses sent out leaders of each Tribe to view the Promised Land. They came back with an unfavorable report. While the seven dissidents to the Government vote was an improvement over the sparse two that then dissented, the present Government's vote was nevertheless a black day indeed for the Jewish People.

It is unlikely that the punishment that befell the Jewish People when they rejected G-d's Promised Land, will reoccur once again. The generation that lacked the faith in G-d's Promise, was not allowed to enter into the Land of Israel. Only the two who had the necessary faith, Caleb Ben Yefune and Yehoshua Ben Nun, were permitted to come to Israel. In contrast, those in the Government who did not have that faith and voted for the exit from Gaza, already live here. Therefore, they are not subject to the Biblical punishment.

The Sharon Government, in effect, adopted the Mitzna plan of unilateral withdrawal and the uprooting of Jewish Communities, and the deportation of Jews from their Homeland. Sharon, in a dictatorial fashion, pushed through this plan of abandonment of Gaza and Northern Shomron. Sharon, unfortunately, is no Moses. He lacks the faith that distinguishes a great Jewish leader. Faith in the L-rd has been typical of the Jewish People throughout its ancient history. It has been a main and basic attribute of the Jewish Religion.

When all is said and done, the vote in question was a victory for Arafat, and those Arabs holding the Hamas orientation. It was a reward for Arab terror. Moreover, it is quite ludicrous for Israel to rely on its arch enemy Egypt, to supervise the Gaza area. Egypt has a long history of antagonism towards the Jewish People. Its present dictator and enemy Mubarak, is hardly a person to rely on for the safety and welfare of the Jewish People.

The question is: WHAT NOW? We do not know what punishment, if any, lies in store for those who have been unfaithful to G-d's Promise. However, we must make it clear that such a Government decision must be reversed. It will never be respected by the People of Israel. Jewish communities in all the Land of Israel must be allowed to grow and develop. We Jews must have the faith in G-d's Promise, and in our Jewish destiny. Israel is the Promised Land. No one is permitted to act in defiance of G-d's Promise to the Jewish People. That Promise is to be found over and over again throughout the Bible. The Bible is our Mandate. The Torah of Israel must be once again our guiding light. We, who follow in its path, are like a tree of life which will forever blossom and bear fruit.

[ [Ruth and Nadia Matar, Women in Green | Published: June 13, 2004 ]

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