An Excellent Opportunity to Rebuild the Temple

By now the entire world is aware that US President Barak Obama has announced that he considers the city of Jerusalem to also be a "settlement", or at least a substantial part of the city. And, because it is considered a settlement, the United States will not allow any further building in most of the city. This declaration would also include the prohibition on "natural growth", meaning no allowance for Jewish births (Arab births are alright, though).

With this new US policy in mind, this would be an excellent time to rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah). I know, the Temple is a touchy subject with the Arabs, the US, the United Nations, the Israeli government and even many Jews. However, due to the many benefits that could be realized by rebuilding the Third Temple, it would fit in quite nicely with Obama's plans. He might even provide the funding for it, or at least get other nations to help. And considering that it would also help the Arabs in Israel, he could probably get all those nice humanistic organizations (e.g., Peace Now, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, B'Tselem) to go along with it.

Does all of this sound a bit mad? Maybe it's a bit over the top? Well, it's not like I have never been accused of being a bit crazy before. But before you go writing all of this off as some demented plan created by some Zionist extremist, take a look at the plan and its benefits and see for yourself if it really is all that crazy.

One thing to keep in mind is that this will not be a "Jewish" Temple. It will be a Temple built for the Creator of all mankind, who said Himself that His house would be a house of prayer for all people (Isaiah 56.7). That would quash any arguments by the Arabs and others that it's a Temple just for the Jews. Of course, in addition to the Dome of the Rock, the Al-Aqsa mosque and other Islamic-related shrines located on the Temple Mount would need to be removed. But that shouldn't be a problem as it's all in the spirit of creating a house of prayer for all people (it just needs to be prayer to the God of Israel). That should make Obama very happy.

A key point in all of this is that the rebuilding of the Temple would not be considered new construction. That is because:

  1. the building already existed before; and
  2. there would not be any additional building in the city as it would replace an existing structure, even removing additional buildings, as previously mentioned.

There would not be any need to take any Arab property, which Israel is always accused of doing, as the Temple Mount is currently controlled by the Israeli government. In addition, Israel had a presence on the Temple Mount 1,500 years before Mohammed was born and before Islam came into existence.

Next, it would not violate the new anti-Jewish birth policy of the United States because there would only be one resident and He has no plans for any children. There would be a lot of visitors but so far the US doesn't have any policies against that.

It would also aid the IDF (Israel Defense Force) in redeployment of its troops. The army will no longer be needed in Judea and Samaria since Israel will be removing tens of thousands of people from their homes there, in accordance with US policy. And, since there would no longer be any terrorism due to the establishment of an Arab state, the IDF will be able to move many of its troops to the Temple Mount to aid in the movement of traffic and other organizational details.

Next, building the Temple would provide work for thousands of Arab carpenters, plumbers, electricians, laborers and general construction workers who will be losing their jobs due to the stoppage of all construction work in Judea and Samaria. This would surely be supported by all those humanistic organizations because it would be providing aid for the Arabs, as they have been demanding for some time now.

Doing the actual construction work shouldn't be too much of a problem. Israel could probably even call on former US President Jimmy Carter to bring in his Habitat for Humanity organization to handle the logistics. Carter would surely support it as it would, as I mentioned earlier, provide employment for all those Arabs he is always trying to help. It would also bring unity to the Arabs and Jews, as he so desperately desires. In addition, Habitat for Humanity could also get suppliers to donate materials for the building project, just as they do when building homes. This is, after all, a home for their Creator.

There would also be an abundance of stone available and it wouldn't need to be quarried. It could be taken from all the homes, synagogues and other buildings which will be destroyed by the Arabs when the Jews are relocated from Judea and Samaria. We have already seen when Israel withdrew from Gaza that the Arabs will not use the existing homes. Instead, they tore them down. In this case, much of the building material could be reused for the courtyards and buildings other than the actual Temple itself.

In the end, this construction project would benefit all of mankind. And just think what it would do for the global economy when all of those large building supply-related corporations begin putting their factories back in operation. That would cause a domino effect in regards to their suppliers, and their supplier's suppliers, etc. The travel industry would also get a major boost as people come from all around the world to visit the Temple, the house of prayer for all people. With all that travel, more jobs would be created around the world for travel-related industries, e.g., airlines, luggage companies, clothing designers, cruises, rental cars.

Sure, there is, as I mentioned previously, the matter of the Dome of the Rock and the other Islamic-related shrines. But that really shouldn't be that big of a deal. The Arabs have stated that they are trying to be cooperative. And the myth of the "furthest mosque" being the Al-Aqsa mosque has been debunked by many scholars, including many Muslims, and the reports are readily available across the Internet. Besides, this is for the benefit of the planet. This is for all mankind. We can all get behind that, can't we? I know it would make Barack Hussein Obama happy.

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