ABCD: Applaud Bibi's Congress Decision

I have opposed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on many occasions but when he does something right, brave and very courageous, I am the first to commend him. His controversial decision to speak in front of the US Congress next week [March 3, 2015] is an example of such an act. In my opinion, it is the greatest thing the Prime Minister has done since taking office, close to seven years ago!

Many people, both in Israel and throughout the United States are worried about souring relations with President Obama and the US administration. These critics claim that this speech is arousing unnecessary tensions between our two countries and causing a rift between us. To them, I have a very simple answer; this act by Prime Minister Netanyahu will accomplish the complete opposite! It will bring respect to Israel — and not just from the USA — but from around the world. It will bring honor to the Jewish Nation and will invigorate our people with positive energy.

Rise of Anti-Semitic Violence in Europe Linked to Fading Memories of Holocaust

World Jewish Congress leader Ronald Lauder said the recent massacres in Paris, which targeted Jews and newspaper satirists, are proof of growing hatred and extremism.

This is the message he plans to stress in his address Tuesday at the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, where the Nazis killed 1.3 million people, most of them Jews. January 27, 2015 marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Ten More Websites About the Holocaust

"I told him that I did not believe that they could burn people in our age, that humanity would never tolerate it ..." — Elie Wiesel, Night

Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) is a national day of commemoration in Israel, remembering the six million Jews who were brutally murdered in the Holocaust. The UN General Assembly has also designated January 27 — the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau — as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honor the victims of the Nazi era and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides. Below are ten websites which focus on the Holocaust. Some of them tell the history of what happened, others give the names of those who died and others provide documents, pictures and other information.

West's Anti-Israel Propaganda Encourages Terror

The West's progressive circles have been waging an incitement campaign against Israel and Zionism for several years now. Many of the West's media outlets define what Israel is doing to the Palestinians [sic] in general, and in Gaza in particular, as genocide, crimes against humanity, and an intentional murder of children and civilians.

Blatant statements against Zionism, Jews, and Israel, which usually include blatant and intimidating lies, are considered part of the circle of enlightenment and progress. They are given a platform in newspapers which are considered to be serious.

Knesset: BDS Movement Fails to Derail Israeli Economy

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has not harmed the Israeli economy, and in some cases Israel's exports have grown in the regions in which the movement has the most traction, according to a recent report commissioned by the Knesset Finance Committee.

"So far, the attempts to boycott Israel have not hurt the Israeli economy on the macro scale.... The boycotts are able to hurt largely the end products of certain Israeli brands. However, since the majority of Israeli exports are intermediate goods, there has not been significant harm done to them," the report said.

New Study of UN Resolution 242 Could Alter Views of Israeli-Arab Conflict

As the UN Security Council and International Criminal Court return to focusing on Israel, an about-to-be-published study reveals new sides to Council Resolution 242, recognized as the key resolution relating to the Israeli-Arab conflict, that could alter perceptions of issues in dispute, especially regarding borders.

According to an article by Prof. Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University, to be published soon in the Chicago Journal of International Law, a new side has emerged in the unending debate over the meaning of UNSC Resolution 242, which establishes principles for setting Israeli borders and withdrawal from territories conquered in 1967.

Will the United States Attempt to Renew the Political Process after the Israeli Elections?

In a December 18, 2014 conversation with 28 European ambassadors, US Secretary of State John Kerry asserted that until after the Israeli elections on March 17, 2015, the United States will not allow the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian [sic] peace process. In Kerry's view, insofar as such a resolution would be framed without the input of the Israeli government and would challenge its policies, adoption would only strengthen the elements in the Israeli right opposed to the peace process. Kerry did not rule out some kind of future Security Council intervention in the peace process but refused to go into detail. His remarks came in advance of the Palestinian Authority's attempts to promote a Security Council resolution recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and calling for an end to the occupation by 2017. The Palestinians subsequently defied the United States position that the initiative at the Security Council was unacceptable, and on December 30, 2014, submitted their proposed resolution. The resolution, however, failed to muster the required Security Council majority External link, thus obviating any need for a US veto.

Enough is Enough!

I'm on Facebook, looking at a picture of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews attending the funeral of police officer Zidan Saif, and the photo caption reads: "Look: Religious Jews mourning a Druze officer. Is this what you call an apartheid state?"

And that's when I realize that we [the Jewish people] have a problem. Not a problem with Arabs, with anti-Semites or with an unforgiving world, but with ourselves.

On November 18, four people were murdered in cold blood while they were praying, and another died trying to save them. The very next day, we went on the defensive. As we always have, as we always do, even in the midst of tragedy. The seven-day mourning period has barely started and we are already explaining why we have the audacity to want to survive.

Are "Palestinian" Terrorists Immune From Extradition?

After Oslo, the American government for the first time was in a position to ask the Palestinian Authority to hand over killers of Americans — but that hasn't materialized despite the numerous Americans murdered in Palestinian [sic] terror attacks.

Poor Diego Alfonso Beltran! The U.S. Department of Justice has announced that Beltran, a member of the Columbian terrorist organization FARC, has been extradited to the U.S. to stand trial for an attack on American citizens in Columbia in 2003. It is Beltran's misfortune that he is not a Palestinian. If he were, he could rest assured that the U.S. would never extradite him.

Pollard's "Missed Escape Plan" Is Pure Fiction

Why is media misdirecting attention away from the real news about Jonathan Pollard?

Justin Kaisse (aka Justin4J4JP) Facebook Manager for J4JP submitted the following comment to JTA:

RE: "Pollard rejected escape plan, former handler says" (JTA, December 2, 2014)

Why are informed media focusing on utter fiction purported to have occurred 30 years ago when breaking news on Pollard is screaming for attention and crying out for justice? I refer to the fact that Pollard is now sitting in prison on false charges.