Hamas Is Responsible for the Deaths in the 2014 Gaza War

Another day, another UN Human Rights Council report condemning Israel. This document, produced for an organization notorious for aiming half of its nation-based resolutions at the Jewish state [actually its more than half External link—ed], accused Israel of violating international law during the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip.

It is notable that the Obama administration, which has a frosty relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, couldn't gloss over this latest bit of Israelphobia from a United Nations agency infamous for jihad against the Jewish state. A spokesman for the State Department cited "bias against Israel" External link as the reason that the United States wouldn't support any further action on the report.

Israel -- an Apartheid State?

Next month, the U.N.-sponsored Hate-Israel Festival known as Durban III External link takes place. Under the heading "Anti-Racism," the great bulk of the conference, like its Durban I External link and II External link predecessors, consists of condemning Israel for racism and equating it with an apartheid state.

Of the world's many great lies, this is among the greatest.

How do we know it is a lie? Because when South Africa was an apartheid state, no one accused Israel of being one. Even the U.N. would have regarded the accusation as absurd.

Germany Can Keep Its 'Friendly Advice' to Itself

"Lasting security for a Jewish and democratic Israel will not be possible without a viable and democratic Palestinian state," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a speech to Israel's citizens in honor of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations External link between Israel and Germany.

Unfortunately, this sentence points to arrogance — once again, a German thinks he knows better than the Jews what is good for them — but also to a blatant intervention in our national affairs.

Boycott Israel Movement Stunts The "Palestinian" Economy

A push to "boycott, divest and sanction" (BDS) Israeli companies has limited impact on the credit profile of Israel, yet it directly harms its intended beneficiaries, the Palestinians [sic]. The BDS movement, including universities, pension funds, and leaders of some Christian denominations (to the chagrin of many congregants), ignores economic data. And it coincides with a disturbing rise of violent anti-Semitism across Europe External link.

"The impact of BDS is more psychological than real so far and has had no discernible impact on Israeli trade or the broader economy," Kristin Lindow, senior vice president at Moody's Investors Service and Moody's lead analyst for Israel (in full disclosure, [author is] a former Moody's colleague) told Forbes. "That said, the sanctions do run the risk of hurting the Palestinian economy, which is much smaller and poorer than that of Israel, as seen in the case of SodaStream."

A Legal and Operational Assessment of Israel's Targeting Practices

Over the course of 50 days in the summer of 2014, the Israeli Defense Forces conducted a high-intensity air and ground campaign against Hamas in the Gaza strip. Sparked by the murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas militants, this short but violent conflict resulted in over 2,100 killed on the Palestinian side, as well as widespread destruction and damage to civilian infrastructure. Israel suffered roughly 70 casualties during the operation, including IDF [Israel Defense Force] soldiers killed in battle and Israeli civilians struck by Hamas' indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israeli population centers, which also took a large psychological toll on terrorized Israeli civilians. This latest chapter in the long saga of conflict between Israel and Hamas provides another salient lesson in the horrors of war, but also a new opportunity to examine the operation of the law of armed conflict principles in practice.

Abbas: Let Arabs Die in Syria Rather than Give Up 'Right of Return'

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has said he has rejected a United Nations' brokered deal with Israel to allow Palestinian [sic] refugees living in Syria to resettle in the West Bank [sic] and Gaza.

Speaking to a group of journalists in Cairo, Abbas told them that in December he reached out to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to contact Israel on his behalf to resolve the status of Palestinians caught in the Syrian civil war.

Barkat 'Puts Another Nail in Jerusalem's Coffin'

Jerusalem Councilman and Israel Land Fund (ILF) Director Arieh King warned on Monday morning that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is on the verge of passing a new plan, which will whitewash illegal Arab construction in the capital and threaten the fragile demographic balance of the city.

King, who has long warned against Barkat's policies External link that he says constitute a de facto divide of Jerusalem, noted Barkat on Monday morning is "trying to put another nail in the coffin of Jerusalem as a unified city under Israeli sovereignty."

Analysis: White House Intervention Has Gone Too Far

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the Israeli Arab community on Monday, and he was right to do so.

Since the Likud party's victory in the election a week ago, it seems that we have lost sight of the most important issues, such as housing prices and the emerging nuclear deal with Iran. Instead, with the media's encouragement, we have moved on to the conflicts between the Left and the Right, between Arabs and Jews, between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews. We have even witnessed fights between senior journalists on these issues. So what should we do in a situation like this one? First of all, we need to calm down. Netanyahu's apology came precisely in that spirit.

UK Bans Ad for Implying Old Jerusalem Part of Israel

Britain's advertising watchdog banned an Israeli government tourism advert for suggesting that the Old City of Jerusalem was part of Israel on Wednesday.

The newspaper brochure showed a panorama of the walled Old City with the text "Israel has it all", and was ruled misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which said it implied the UNESCO World Heritage Site was part of Israel.

ABCD: Applaud Bibi's Congress Decision

I have opposed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on many occasions but when he does something right, brave and very courageous, I am the first to commend him. His controversial decision to speak in front of the US Congress next week [March 3, 2015] is an example of such an act. In my opinion, it is the greatest thing the Prime Minister has done since taking office, close to seven years ago!

Many people, both in Israel and throughout the United States are worried about souring relations with President Obama and the US administration. These critics claim that this speech is arousing unnecessary tensions between our two countries and causing a rift between us. To them, I have a very simple answer; this act by Prime Minister Netanyahu will accomplish the complete opposite! It will bring respect to Israel — and not just from the USA — but from around the world. It will bring honor to the Jewish Nation and will invigorate our people with positive energy.