We Fear Not

[Yehudit Tayar, Shomron resident and veteran spokesperson for the Settlement Movement]

Summary ... How did we overcome all of the odds against us in 1967 and succeed in returning to the cradle of Jewish civilization; Yerushalayim, Hevron, Yehudah, Shomron, and Gaza? We do not fear and are not dismayed. We are too busy building, planting and protecting our Torah, our Land and our people.

"Fear not nor be dismayed" said the L-rd to Yehoshua (Joshua 8.1). I feel very fortunate to be numbered amongst those who are neither afraid nor dismayed. Not afraid of all of the threats publicized by the media, nor by the fact that this anti-democratic, corrupt government is using the courts to take away the most basic civil rights from us. Prime Ministers come and go, governments come and go and the Land of Israel stays.

I have faith, emunah, that since we are doing what we are supposed to, yehieh beseder ("it will be o.k."). My work with the security officer in Katif and the other security officers in Yesha reveals the true situation to me more than even most of my fellow residents in Yesha. But while we must be pragmatic and plan responsibly for possibly difficult situations, we also plan to continue to remain where we are.

I look at the daily lives of our brave, down-to-earth brothers and sisters in Katif and kvel (rejoice) in the simple daily routine. The registration of our children to schools for next fall, the new babies that are blessedly being born, and yes the new homes that are being completed and moved into are a source of enormous gratitude, and pride.

Just the other day when I entered my friend's new home in Neve Dekalim right after they had moved in, and I said the "Shehechianu" prayer with tears of joy and emotion I reconfirmed the constant belief that we are here to stay.

These wonderful people with small children took their dream and implemented it by completing their new home and moving in (davka), specifically now. This week, please G-d, when they have their chanukat bayit (the inauguration of their new home and put up their Mezuzot), it will symbolize to all of us and to the people of Israel that we, the Jewish people have to answer to our G-d and reconfirm our covenant with Him to protect our Torah, our Land, and our people.

As I am constantly saying in lectures or interviews with the press, "This is the Land of Israel — G-d's Land — and no logic or reason pertains to what happens here. How could a mere 650,000 people — mostly refugees barely escaping the horrors of the Holocaust, speaking 30 different languages and with not enough weapons and ammunition, overcome the odds of millions attacking us and survive in 1948?

How did we overcome all of the odds against us in 1967 and succeed in returning to the cradle of Jewish civilization; Yerushalayim, Hevron, Yehudah, Shomron, and Gaza?

How do we time and time again survive the overcoming odds against us? There is no logic in our existence but there is emunah and the proof that we, the Jewish people have returned to never be banished again."

Yes we stumble faced with inadequate, weak leadership, but we go on and shall continue to pray for the miracles we know must come in order to fulfill the promise that we shall never again be banished from our Land. "'And they shall plant on their Land and will no longer be banished from their Land which I gave them', said the L-rd your G-d."

We do not fear and are not dismayed. We are too busy building, planting and protecting our Torah, our Land and our people.

[ Published: June 23, 2005 ]

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