Refined by Fire

[Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst and Commentator]

Summary ... It seems that, in every age, Jews have refined themselves in fire, battle and blood. For whatever reason they spiral down and then must rise up to recapture who they once were and must always be.

Jews who fight their oppressors are clearly a more courageous order of Jew than the world is used to. From the beginning 3000 years ago, Jews who fought back when attacked were refined - as in a smelter where the fire separates the gold and silver from the dross impurities

It seems that, in every age, Jews have re-refine themselves in fire, battle and blood. For whatever reason they spiral down and then must rise up to recapture who they once were and must always be.

The Jews fighting for their land and homes today are reminiscent of Jews who had to fight their way to the pride and dignity they once had.

We recall the Jews who left Egypt and needed 40 years of being hammered on G-ds anvil in the deserts, fighting the pagan tribes who sacrificed their young. The Jews learned that, to live they had to fight but, even more, they needed those periods when they had to go through fire to re-fine the spirit within themselves.

We recall the Maccabees who refused to bow to Greek conquerors and their pagan gods who wanted the Jewish Temple of Solomon desecrated and destroyed. The nations always wanted the Jews to give up G-ds Covenant and adopt their pagan gods.

The Second Temple in Jerusalem was attacked by the Romans on Tisha Bav in the year 70 CE and the Jews were scattered in a Diaspora that lasted 19 centuries. Here again, the Romans wanted the Jews to abandon their G-d, or add their G-d to the pagan panoply of gods.

The early pioneers who returned to their ancient homeland in the late 1800s and early 1900s also learned the hard way that to live they had to fight the attacking Arab Muslims. These early pioneers were refined in the fire of survival. They had a special spirit which one sees re-born today in the pioneering settlers who now have to fight a Jewish Government that is moldy with corruption.

These new Jews seem to be the remnant spoken about in the Tanach (Bible). They are the pure melted gold with the dross skimmed off. They must face G-ds Hammer on His Anvil as the Arabs are joined by foreign Western nations, greedy for the oil the Arabs sit on. Then there were the perfidious Jews who joined our dedicated enemies who come to take away their Land and their homes to pacify implacable Muslim enemies. These Jews who would uproot other Jews are lost souls. They will, no doubt, suffer in this life and the next, IF there is a next for them.

These pioneering settlers are the finest of our people and will be the seed and root stock for generations to come.

We have watched with dismay the spiraling down of a large part of the Jewish people as they wallow in the fleshpots of cities like Tel Aviv. The kids pierce their body parts and color their hair green. One is reminded of the dividing of the Jewish people when Abraham gave Lot the choice of going to live a harder life in the mountains and pasture in the high meadows or go down to the Jordan Valley where life was easier and corrupt. Lot went down into the cities of Sodom and the people became lazy, corrupt joining the gross and vulgar of those low people.

Its not that all Jews who live in the coastal cities are lazy and corrupt but many of them are. The children learn the indolent ways of their peers, spending more time in cafes.

Then there are those who like to call themselves Leftists who viscerally hate those Jews who live and work a Jewish life-style in the hills or the deserts. They are certain that if they can rid themselves of these hard-working Jews, who follow G-ds Laws as given in the Torah to the Jews on Mt. Sinai, then the Arab Muslims and the European Christians will become their friends who will no longer attempt to drive them into the Mediterranean Sea.

They never tire of the appeasement game - ever hopeful that the Arab Muslims will forgive them for the name "Jew". In the meantime, they sink into the lower practices of Sodom.

I cannot help but feel that, once again HaShem will be irritated with their crass behavior, the elevation of abomination such as homosexuality as a commonly acceptable lifestyle. Note the March in Jerusalem for homosexuals in July.

Sodom also had its years of wallowing in corruption until their time had come to cleanse the ground on which they walked and contaminated. Perhaps it will come as an earthquake or a tzunami where the sea will rush into Tel Aviv, G-d forbid.

Perhaps it will come as when Nebuchanezzer was sent as a punishment for the low level to which Jews had sunk in those times. Whatever, that time is coming which will be shared by the nations who bonded with the Ishmaelites against the Jews.

President George W. Bush has brought a great evil and punishment against America for what he has done in his war against the Jewish nation and the Jewish people. America was to be the one nation spared because her people wanted to ally herself with Israel. But, the Bush family bonded with the Arabs to drive the Jews out of their Land.

I fear that those events that scientists call "Global Warming" will lash America in judgement. The seas will rage; the winds will tear up the land; (Hurricane Dennis is the latest example). The heat will bake the land; when it was not flooding so nothing will grow in its seasons. The coming shaking of the land will leave many people homeless while the Terrorists - as did Nebuchenezzer, will be sent to blow up our cities.

All of this could have been changed but, the Bush family and their cohorts cannot be changed. As HaShem hardened the heart of Pharaoh so the plagues came one upon another until the first born were seen dead one morning, that is what coming, step-by-step: 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, etc. is merely a series of plagues and a message NOT being listened to.

Israel has Sharon, Peres and the Leftists in Politics and the Media who bring death and destruction upon the Jewish people. This is what I sadly see coming and I doubt that they will change their ways.

The Jews who bring the evil that Sharon is doing and which Peres has done before are the deadly pallbearers of the Jewish nation - the Leftists.

It is those Jews who were refined and tempered by fire who will last and all the rest are lost.

[ Published: July 12, 2005 ]

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