U.S. Presidents Overlooked Arafat's Killing of Ambassador

[Stan Goodenough, Editor, Jerusalem Newswire]

Summary ... Recently declassified US State Department documents have confirmed that Yasir Arafat — who calmly ordered the cold-blooded murder of two senior US diplomats — was welcomed, embraced, championed and loudly applauded in the capital of the very country whose men he had killed, even though the leaders of that country knew what he had done.

Recently declassified US State Department documents have confirmed the long-held (but largely ignored) belief that a man who — apart from being responsible for the deaths of numerous US citizens — calmly ordered the cold-blooded murder of two senior US diplomats, was welcomed, embraced, championed and loudly applauded in the capital of the very country whose men he had killed.

This according to an exclusive report in World Net Daily Wednesday.

Yasir Arafat — the terrorist a number of US administrations tried to package as a statesman, and whose demands for a country built on another nation's land was not only sanctioned, but actively supported by at least four US presidents — was long known to have been directly responsible for the March 2, 1973 killing in Khartoum, the Sudan, of Ambassador Cleo Noel and Charge d'Affaires George Curtis Moore.

But presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all chose to overlook Arafat's brazen butchery of US men in order to help him achieve statehood for his people — on ancient Jewish lands.

Numerous efforts to have Arafat charged with Noel's and Moore's deaths were stymied by State Department officials so deeply committed to creating "Palestine" on Israel's Promised Land that they remained unmoved by the blood of two innocent men crying out to them from the ground.

Administration and State officials alike did what they could to deflect media investigations, classifying the aforementioned document and denying knowledge of the matter, or refusing to comment when asked about it.

The reason for this official misrepresentation and protection of Arafat was that it was best to shore up this leader of "the sole legitimate representative of the 'Palestinian' people" against the other "more radical" terrorist individuals and organizations.

Put simply, Arafat was the best hope for peace in the Middle East. Everything went into strengthening and preparing him for it.

Yes, he was someone the US could do business with, as long as it was prepared to overlook his small discretion in Khartoum.

[ Published: December 27, 2006 ]

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