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Who Profits From the Myth of Israeli Democracy?

[Professor Paul Eidelberg]

Summary ... When we look at the myth that Israel is a democracy, we must ask, who profilts from this? Are there any Zionist organizations in the United States that are exploding this deadly myth? Are there any Zionist organizations in the US that do not profit from this insidious myth?

The grand reception Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received in the United States, the standing ovations accorded him as he addressed a joint session of the American Congress, the support he is receiving from various American Jewish organizations for his plan to "realign," i.e., dispossess and displace countless Jews in Judea and Samaria—despite the disaster of the so-called Disengagement Plan, which has made Gaza the Mecca of international terrorism—all this, I say, is the result of a deadly myth, that Israel is a democracy.

It is this myth of Israeli democracy that gave Mr. Olmert and his "Realignment Plan" legitimacy when he spoke to President George W. Bush, to the Congress of the United States, and to the American people.

It is this myth of Israeli democracy that facilitated the plan to dispossess and deport 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria—this, by a government whose prime minister, Ariel Sharon, together with 68 Knesset members, campaigned against that very plan in the 2003 election.

It is this myth of Israeli democracy that enabled Mr. Sharon to nullify that election and thereby trample on the expressed will of the overwhelming majority of the people that voted in that election.

It is the myth of Israeli democracy that obscures and perpetuates prime ministerial dictatorship and institutionalized corruption in Israel.

It is the myth of Israeli democracy that enabled Israel's Supreme Court—a self-perpetuating oligarchy—to hand down the ruling that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza constitute "belligerent occupied territory"—a ruling that will lend color of legality to Mr. Olmert's Realignment Plan to forcibly expel innumerable Jews from their heartland.

It is the myth of Israeli democracy that is truncating and destroying the one and only Jewish homeland by endowing the State of Israel with legitimacy and its ruling elites with respectability in the United States of America.

But now I ask: Are there any Zionist organizations in America that are exploding this deadly myth?

Are there any Zionist organizations in America that do not profit from this pernicious myth?

[ Published: May 27, 2006 ]

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