Let's Get Serious

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Summary ... It is evident that Israel must take the initiative in foreign affairs. Contrary to the teachings of Israel's Command and Staff College, a large power like the US can afford to wait; a small power like Israel cannot.

The Netanyahu government should be aware that the hatred of Israel sweeping across the democratic world is preparing public opinion for Israel's elimination from the Middle East.

That this hatred is conspicuous in American colleges and universities should not shock astute observers if only because Israel, in its essence, rejects everything that now dominates academia: nihilism and atheism.

There is no way in the world that this hatred of Israel can be overcome by reasoned argument or what Israel calls "hasbara" (information) programs.

The West has already sacrificed whatever remains of the Enlightenment or the Age of Reason. When a terrorist group like Hamas can use women and children as protective shields against Israel's belated retaliation against years of Arab bombardment of Israeli towns, and yet gain support from American academics, it's farewell to reason as well as human decency.

The question is: What is to be done?

First, since Israel is condemned when acting in self-defense, and even when providing food to Arab civilians in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces should do everything in its power to devastate the enemy to such an extent that it will be deterred from attacking Israel for 100 years. For Israel's government to agree to any ceasefire is an act of unmitigated stupidity.

Second, Israel should not be deterred by worldwide condemnations because such condemnations are independent of the degree of force Israel employs against the enemy. Israel must therefore ignore the nonsense about "proportionality" (which has no relevance—not even legal relevance—in wartime).

Third, Israel must prepare itself for sanctions by stocking food and other supplies.

Fourth, the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared to destroy any foreign force directed at Israel's homeland.

Fifth, Israel must let it be known that it is positioned to destroy the oil resources of Saudi Arabia, as well as other targets, and that it will not hesitate to do so if her existence is threatened.

Sixth, for Israel to persist in maintaining the present atmosphere of accommodation only provides Washington a free hand to establish "facts on the ground" that cannot but lead to Israel's demise. Israel must take the initiative in foreign affairs. Contrary to the teachings of Israel's Command and Staff College, a large power like the US can afford to wait. A small power like Israel cannot.

[ Published: February 27, 2009 ]

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