How Odd - or Merely Coincidental

[Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst and Commentator]

Summary ... Is Hurricane Katrina a result of God's judgment on the United States because President Bush drove 9,000 Jews from their homes in Israel?

Just two weeks ago I was watching the Jews of Gaza/Gush Katif being dragged out of their homes because of the Bush-Sharon Doctrine. These Jews were pushed out of the beautiful homes they had built, with a whole family living in one room of a hotel, given only two meals a day for a 10 day 'temporary' solution. The homes of 21 communities were destroyed immediately. Lives and careers and keepsakes were destroyed. As many as 1,000 families have no place to go after the first 10 days. This was a planned evacuation. I thought, how could God allow such a travesty happen.

In the meantime, I watched CNN and FOX News daily reports on the gathering storm named 'Katrina'. I penned a note for an article that, I thought 'Katrina' should have been named 'George'. (Just an idle, passing thought.)

Then 'Katrina' hit the U.S. shores along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It was a Category 5 (highest) and devastating — perhaps the worst hurricane to hit America in years. The aftermath leaves at least 600,000 (perhaps a million displaced people) without homes, electricity, water, sewage or medical care. No refrigeration or air conditioning as temperatures soar to 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. The water which has flooded homes to the peaks of their roofs has no place to drain because that whole area is at or below sea level. Therefore, it will sit there, breeding disease in a soup of sewage, chemical, patches of floating red fire ants, dead animals and some humans who have not yet been found. Homes, cars and people are literally under water. Those homes under water up to the peaks of their roofs will very likely be unrecoverable. There is an emerging operation underway to take care of the refugees where the sea surge pushed people out of their homes. If you haven't seen it on TV, picture the disastrous tsunami devastation in mostly Muslim Asia.

I just heard the FOX and CNN news put out a call for cash because the refugees from this super-storm 'Katrina' have no money.

(Similarly, the 9,000 Jewish refugees of Gush Katif and northern Samaria have no cash and many are forced to wander from hotel rooms to tent cities.)

Was it just coincidental that President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Doctrine of pushing the Jews off the Land that God pledged to the Jewish people went into effect just two weeks before 'Katrina' made tens of thousands of Americans homeless?

There were, of course, a series of other somewhat smaller storms that precede this monster super storm which almost seemed like messages to President Bush and the U.S. State Department to quit their dictatorial orders to the Jewish State.

It looks sort of like a ball game, with Bush-Rice-Father Bush, the oil magnates and Arab Muslims on one team and God with the Jews on the other. God can throw a mean and devastating curve ball with a full season of predictable storms ahead in the American hurricane season.

As if that weren't bad enough, gas prices are now near $3 per gallon (predicted to reach as high as $4 per gallon), squeezing down work and vacation travel, pressuring businesses who cannot pass the costs of production or transport by truck or plane on to the consumer, etc. The people have slowed down their purchasing of goods — especially cars. But, Congress has refused to confront the oil industry with taxes on their excess profits or to create an Energy Efficiency Bill with teeth to bring hybrid cars on line much sooner and search for alternate renewable energy sources. According to the latest consensus reports, the milage posted on the sticker for new cars is mis-stated too high by about 40% and Congress accepts the lie.

These oil magnates, especially in the Saudi royal family, are the very close friends of the Bush Dynasty with former Secretary of State James Baker (running the State Department during Father Bush's Presidency). They are still influencing trade. Recession/depression, flooded homes, winds that literally blow down brick buildings ... make your own predictions. Either God is very angry or this is merely a sign of "Mother Nature" shrugging her shoulders, sending humanity flying like so many insects.

In the meantime, the Bush-Sharon plan to empty Jews from part of the Land of Israel continues. Let's watch the next inning between God and Bush. It ought to be a humdinger. (Note that the people hit hardest by 'Katrina' were among the poorest and probably were Democratic in their voting patterns. That remains to be researched.) While Bush is finishing his second and final terms, his legacy and the negative atmosphere he leaves will definitely affect the political fortunes of Republicans in the next elections.

It is really too bad that the American people must suffer from these latest plagues that the Bush Doctrine against keeping Israel whole and strong may have caused.

There is more on the way as President Bush tries to curse Israel by appeasing the killing culture called Islam. The children's text-books, TV programs, Muslim media outlets are all declaring that they intend to take over all of Israel with Jerusalem as the capital of the Islamic State and only that State.

[ Published: September 1, 2005 ]

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