An Apartheid State or the Greatest Lie Ever Told?

[Jock Falkson]

Summary ... It takes real chutzpah to attach the South African apartheid label to the democratic Jewish State of Israel. For the boot is truly on the other foot. Unlike the Judenrein Arab countries of the Middle East, the Jewish State neither believes in nor does it practice major nor minor racial apartheid. The way the Arabs use "Israeli apartheid" one might think they were protesting because Israel does not permit Arabs in their midst. Of course the very contrary is true. Some 20 percent of Israeli citizens are Arab — it is the Arabs who do not allow Jews in their midst.

Apartheid in South Africa was based on race and color. It was the whites (the "Europeans") versus the "non-Europeans" (blacks, coloreds [mixed race], Indians, Malays, and Chinese). All suffered from the legalized deprivation decreed by a South African government determined to impose white domination on the rest.

There is only one valid way to judge whether Israel is an apartheid state — as alleged by Palestinians in particular and Islamists in general — not to overlook self-hating Jews and anti-Semites, is to consider the practical applications. If there is a match then Israel would be guilty and expected to expunge the practices in question. If there isn't Israel's many enemies should be deeply ashamed and apologetic.

The philosophy of apartheid was encapsulated in the slogan of the ruling National Party which came into power in 1948: "Die kafir op sy plek en die koolie uit die land" summed up the racist political ideology of the new government. "The kafir (indigenous blacks) in his place and the koolie (Indian) out of the country." Needless to say, 'kafir' and 'koolie' were derogatory appellations.

Israel's Reverse Apartheid

It must be manifestly clear to anyone except an ignoramus that Israel has no color or racial problem. Israel's Ethiopian Jews now numbers 105,000 Ethiopian Jews and we plan to absorb some 10,000 more. Unlike apartheid South Africa which wanted to expell its Indians, Israel has welcomed 60,000 (brown-skinned) Indian Jews. And more continue to trickle in.

All, including Circassian, Druze, Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, Beduin, and non-Jewish citizens of the Jewish State, have equal rights. While no Black or Indian was ever permitted to be a member of Parliament in South Africa, 11 Arabs were elected to Israel's 17th Knesset (Parliament) in 2006. Many Druze and Beduin Arabs serve in Israel's army.

Indeed there is not the slightest resemblance to the practices of South African apartheid here in democratic Israel. If ever a lie has been deliberately repeated and magnified to damage Israel, this is a prime example of Dr. Goebbels' axiom that nothing is more effective than a big lie, incessantly repeated.

The apartheid lie is one of several concocted by Palestinians to publicize their cause. Readers and viewers are led by the nose because their lies are so effective in promoting their policies. However the practice of apartheid is totally inapplicable to Israel as the following 15 refutations make abundantly clear:

Fifteen Apartheid Refutations

  1. Blacks, Coloreds, Indians, Malays and Chinese were legally classified as "Non-Europeans" and did not have the vote in apartheid South Africa. Neither in Municipal, Provincial nor Government elections.

    Israel's Arab citizens, some 20% of the population, have enjoyed equal voting rights from day one. Eleven Arabs presently sit in Israel's Knesset.

  2. Non-Europeans exclusively had to carry a "Pass Book". Employers had to sign the pass books monthly. Pass book infringements by blacks led to jail sentences and often to deportation to the black homelands. (Identity books of a quite different type were introduced for Europeans about 1976.)

    All citizens and legal residents of Israel carry a regular identity card as required by law.

  3. Job Reservation Laws kept non-Europeans from a wide range of jobs.

    No discrimination of this kind has ever existed in Israel's Jewish democratic State.

  4. There was free education for whites till matriculation. Not so for blacks whose educational prowess was strictly limited by an oppressive Bantu Education Act.

    All school going children in Israel are entitled to publicly subsidized education till matriculation. There are neither racial nor color distinctions.

  5. Only one university was established for Blacks in South Africa, at Fort Hare.

    In addition to several Arab universities which Israel established in the predominantly Arab areas, Arab students may and do study at any university in Israel.

  6. Black-white sex was a serious jail time crime. Sex detectives were even employed to catch offending parties in flagrante delicto.

    Legal sex apartheid in democratic Israel? You have to be joking.

  7. Medical services for non-Europeans were both restricted and segregated.

    Arab citizens are members of all the major Medical Service Organizations and also benefit, equally, from government subsidized medical services.

  8. Hospitals were largely segregated or had segregated wards. White hospitals were on a par with any in the western world. Black hospitals were under-funded, under-staffed, and few. Ambulances were also segregated. A 'white' ambulance could not take a black person to hospital.

    Not the Israeli way. Israeli Arabs get full citizen benefits and treatment in all Magen David Ambulances and State hospitals.

  9. Non-Europeans "could not be employed in any of the skilled trades; they cannot become engineers, accountants or pharmacists. . .. The Civil Service is closed to non-Europeans, as are also the technical colleges and most of the universities. They may not use the libraries, cinemas, public transport, public conveniences, post offices . . .." [From Prof. Deborah Posel's The Making of Apartheid.]

    Arabs can do everything in Israel which non-Europeans in South Africa could not.

  10. For many decades blacks had to observe a 9 p.m. curfew or face arrest, jail sentences and deportation.

    Absolutely unheard of in democratic Israel.

  11. No mixed sport was allowed by law.

    No such law ever in democratic Israel.

  12. Parks and recreational areas provided benches for people to rest. Benches were painted with "Europeans Only" signs. I never saw a bench marked for non-Europeans nor a park.

    An unimaginable insult in democratic Israel.

  13. Non-Europeans were not permitted to use the main entrance to buildings. They had to use the "tradesmen's" entrance at back.

    An unheard of apartheid stricture in democratic Israel.

  14. Black South Africans received about half the State pension allocated to whites. They were forbidden membership in trade unions (until the 1980s). Strikes were banned and strikers severely repressed.

    No such discrimination in democratic Israel. Not only are pensions allocated equally to all citizens but Arabs benefit fully from monthly child allowances to parents of large families. Because of polygamy Arabs have the largest families.

  15. Libraries, public swimming pools and beaches were racially segregated. Even so there were practically no pools or libraries for blacks.

    No such segregation ever in democratic Israel.

Arab Judenrein Ideology

The way the Arabs use "Israeli apartheid" one might think they were protesting because Israel does not permit Arabs in their midst. Of course the very contrary is true. Some 20 percent of our citizens are Arab — it is the Arabs who do not suffer [permit] Jews in their midst. Many a Jew who has strayed into an Arab city, or taken a chance on doing business there, has been cruelly murdered. To ensure, no doubt, that Israelis do not misinterpret the mission of the Arab's pure Judenrein nazi ideology.

The "Apartheid” Wall — A No Brainer

Last but by no means least, we must not overlook the use of "apartheid wall/fence" — the most often repeated and deliberate misuse of the apartheid calumny. South African apartheid never needed security walls, fences or barriers. For the simple reason that the whites never faced anything like Palestinian/Jihadi/suicide terrorism! Did you know that?

The Arabs deceitfully imply that the wall covers the full length of Israel's anti-terrorist barrier. The unpalatable fact is that it does not. The barrier is less than 5 per cent wall. Wall is mainly erected to prevent terrorist sharp shooters killing Israelis living opposite builtup Arab areas.

It takes real chutzpah to attach the South African apartheid label to the democratic Jewish State of Israel. For the boot is truly on the other foot. Unlike the Judenrein Arab countries of the Middle East, the Jewish State neither believes in nor does it practice major nor minor racial apartheid.

Inclined to be practical, Israelis will not however, hold their collective breath for an apology or admission of shame from our enemies.

[ Published: March 10, 2007 / Original: January 22, 2006]

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