What Connects AIPAC, Money for the PLO, Iran, Nukes, and Israel?

[Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator]

Summary ... For this kind of entrapment to work, the bait must be irresistible — such as leaking to AIPAC that Israel was in danger of getting hit by Iran's missiles. Blackmailing AIPAC to become the representative for Arab/Muslim terrorists is a new low for both Bush and the US State Department. As for PM Arik Sharon, there seems to be no bottom to his perfidy.

It has been reported that AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has been recruited through extreme pressure by Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush to try and push through a $200 million payout to the Palestinian/PLO. The objective is three-fold — namely, 1. to convince a distrustful Congress to fund Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) 2. to convince Christian Conservatives that the 'Road Map' helps Israel and 3. to silence those of the Jewish community who see the 'disengagement' as merely another Oslo.

Perhaps this will shed more light on the FBI's prior sting operation through the planted information that Israel was about to be attacked by Iran — possibly with nuclear weapons.

Clearly, the FBI sting, using the devastating planted threat of an imminent or possible nuclear attack by Iran, was intended to generate a panicked response by AIPAC (which it did) and to put a choke-hold on AIPAC so that they would do whatever Bush, Rice, the U.S. State Department and James Baker mandated. Planting or withholding seemingly vital intelligence is merely one tactic in controlling through entrapment either a friend or an enemy. We all recall when then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger withheld vital intelligence from Israel about Saddam Hussein's production of poison gas — despite a Presidential M.O.U. (Memorandum of Understanding) to ensure that Israel received the vital information she needed to survive. Sacrificing a nation's word and, therefore, its honor speaks of leaders without character or personal honor.

Keep in mind that it was useful to be able to blackmail AIPAC into performing as the Spokesman on the Hill for Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). The U.S. Congress does not trust Abu Mazen nor does it trust the motives of the Bush Administration in its desire to flood more American tax-payers dollars into the Palestinian coffers. The Arab Muslim Palestinians have well earned the distrust of Congress and the American people.

The Congress knows that America has been taken to the tune of several Billion dollars that went into the rat tunnels of Yassir Arafat's organizations. They know that those same tunnels and conduits to secret bank accounts are still there and fully operational in terms of funneling more money to the Terrorists. Abu Mazen does not dare cut off fund to the Terrorists lest they eliminate him as no longer useful as a front before the West.

Add to that the fact that Arafat's stash of $4 to 8 Billion dollars is beginning to surface. Why must Congress approve more wasted U.S. tax-payers' dollars when the Billions of prior monies is already there?

What isn't being said is that they don't expect Abu Mazen to last very long and that Hamas, in coalition with such Terrorists such as Hezb'Allah, will become the controlling government in the next elections. Whatever money is there or will come in will go straight into the treasury of Hamas, followed by the purchase of more, heavier and more deadly weapons. The assault on Israel has been forecast by Israel's General Staff and Intelligence Services which makes the 'disengagement' a useless gesture and more like a suicide pact.

Since the Palestinians are rightfully not trusted by either Congress or the American people, Bush through the arranged FBI sting has an arm-lock on AIPAC, expecting them to sell Congress on the Bush package for the Palestinians. (An arm-lock in wrestling means that your adversary's arm is twisted behind his back to the point of breaking.) Keeping Abu Mazen in office and alive at least until the Jewish settlers are forced out of Gaza is a high priority for salvaging the Bush Road Map. What else will Bush demand of AIPAC now and in the future, using the arm-twisting information developed through the FBI entrapment plan?

The FBI hustle smells to high heaven and Congress knows it. For this kind of entrapment to work, the bait must be irresistible — such as leaking to AIPAC that Israel was in danger of getting hit by Iran's missiles. Blackmailing AIPAC to become the representative for Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists is a new low for both Bush and the U.S. State Department. As for PM Arik Sharon, there seems to be no bottom to his perfidy.

[ Published: April 8, 2005 ]

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